1. Abandoned campground made in the hollows of logs and a group of small canoes remains.
  2. Abandoned lizard man camp sits among ancient willows.
  3. Blood red water of the iron bogs emanates a strong musty odor.
  4. Bones, animal
  5. Bones, humanoid
  6. Boulders
  7. Broken statue
  8. Cat tails and razor sharp wooden fragments stick out of the stagnant brackish water.
  9. Clay and packed earth
  10. Cobblestone pathway
  11. Druid-tended road
  12. Emerging from the brackish water stands weeping willows, each looking grey and depressing.
  13. Flies and gnats eat at all exposed flesh on all who travel the stale, stagnant water.
  14. Foul shadows seen from dim dancing lights that skirt the region.
  15. Foul smell of brackish water and dead things bubble up from under the surface.
  16. Giant bone
  17. Granite blocks
  18. Heavily packed dirt
  19. Huge white cocoons hang from every tree in this circle, with no sign of their maker(s).
  20. Incomplete and in progress
  21. Laid bricks
  22. Large rocks
  23. Living saplings
  24. Loose earthen trail
  25. Loose rock covering
  26. Mountain chain of densely packed dirt, solid rock and covered with trees
  27. Muddy field covered in loosely packed grass that sinks underfoot
  28. Old blasted stone tower with sections of mortar and blocks scattered across the field
  29. Old fence pieces
  30. Old low stone fence divides the borders of a once vibrant farm field
  31. Old, unsteady wooden footbridge stretches across a short but deep gap
  32. Overhanging tree with rope
  33. Partially logged forest with displaced wildlife looking for shelter
  34. River valley with colorful flowerbeds causing a haze in vision and reflection
  35. Rocky shoreline caked thick with black sand and housing the skeletal remains of an old shipwreck
  36. Rolling farmland with bales of hay collected and dotting the fields, a single silo in the distance
  37. Insect sounds grow steadily louder the closer one gets to an old, abandoned vine-covered mansion.
  38. Maze of waterways through wall of grass and flowery earth.
  39. Moss covered hummocks spread out near the foothills.
  40. Muddy and overgrown
  41. Particular foul and dense swamp gas makes the breathing difficult and the visibility worse.
  42. Patches of land peaking up through its watery surroundings.
  43. Patrolled by nearby noble lord
  44. Poorly maintained with potholes
  45. Rice appears ready for harvesting as you walk through the waist high water.
  46. Riddled with weed growth
  47. Rife with wildlife
  48. Salt flats housing the skeleton and dried bones of some gargantuan beast
  49. Sandy field covered with large, dry shrubs and crabgrass
  50. Sand bar
  51. Scattered copse of dried, dead trees—old cobwebs string among them and blow in a slight breeze
  52. Serene field with scattered cairns of fallen heroes overgrown with wildflowers and willows
  53. Several fallen pine trees have their roots sticking out of the perpetually muddy land.
  54. Several small saplings
  55. Shaded by trees
  56. Shoreline to a large lake overrun with driftwood and loose water plants from a recent storm
  57. Skulls and bones
  58. Small rocks, piled
  59. Small saplings supported by rock in center
  60. Soft earth beneath waist high water and grass peaking above the waterline
  61. Stench of decay and the sight of bones and rotted flesh floating in muck.
  62. Stone and mortar
  63. Tall grass over fields of animal burrows and other dangerous divots
  64. Tended by permanent unseen servant
  65. Thick hollow with old, knotted trees and weeping willows stretches across the horizon
  66. Thick stone tablets
  67. Thin trail of land winds though the insect filled waters.
  68. Three knotted trees on top of a barren plateau
  69. Tree trunk, cut lengthwise
  70. Tree trunk, fallen
  71. Very old trees tower high above provides a thick canopy
  72. Wagon wheel
  73. Water as far as the eye can see with islands of grass peaking up through.
  74. Water here is exceptionally dark and lizard and animal carcasses float about.
  75. Well tended
  76. Wooded area with dense grass and underbrush covering the ground
  77. Wooden footbridge
  78. Wooden planks
  79. Wood piling
  1. Abandoned room used as a garbage pit and cesspool for nearby residents, the smell is both overwhelming and ripe.
  2. Against the nearby wall is an ancient forge and foundry, the fires long cold and tools broken and shattered about as if in anger.
  3. Ahead, in the dim light at the very extent of your torch’s illumination, a vaguely man-shaped shadow seems to detach itself from the wall and slink away into the darkness.
  4. Along the left wall are five small holes with small bits of ash in each
  5. Ancient runes written in a long‐dead language pepper the wall.
  6. Ancient tapestries in need of repair crawl with ruinous vermin and must have been very valuable back in their time.
  7. Angled corners built of wood try to turn this otherwise square room into a hexagonal chamber, but were unfinished.
  8. Animal corpses lie against the walls, with massive marks from desperate claws scratched on the walls. The smell of ancient decay hangs in the air, adding to the gruesome nature of the scene.
  9. Any dressings on the wall have been perfected by masterwork transformation, changing them into masterwork items.
  10. Any metallic dressings the wall possesses have rusted over. If none exist, reroll this dressing.
  11. An animal skin, a paper covering or a similar material obscures one of the wall’s dressings from Table A.
  12. An archway pierces one wall of this corridor. Runes once adorned the arch, but these have been hacked and smashed and are virtually unreadable. A crudely mortared wall of mismatched stone fills the archway. The work is obviously different to the surrounding style.
  13. An empty rations bag and crumbs of hardtack litter the floor at this location.
  14. An empty, dry-rotted barrel stands in a corner, covered with cobwebs and dust. If searched or otherwise tampered with, it falls to pieces. The molted carapace of a giant beetle (Labyrinth Lord‘s choice of type) is found here. In dim light, it may (2 in 6 chance) be mistaken for a living beetle.
  15. An empty, iron-bound wooden chest lies on its side in this location. The chest‘s lock and hasp bear the marks of being struck with an axe and the bottom of the chest has been splinted by force as well.
  16. An important clue has been inscribed into the wall, either as graffiti or scraping it into the wall’s surface.
  17. An impromptu skittles game has been setup here. Nine wooden pins, some knocked over, and two wood balls occupy a short patch of floor space. There is no sign of the bowlers.
  18. An iron spike with 4‘ of hemp rope attached to it has been driven into the floor. There is no discernable purpose for its presence.
  19. An old rat‘s nest of rags, twigs, and other detritus lies in a corner. If searched, a plain brass ring (1 sp value) is found.
  20. An ominous ―click‖ is heard as the PCs cross the floor here, followed by the sound of grinding metal. Then, nothing happens. A successful search for traps reveals the trap‘s trigger mechanism, but that is all. There is no true trap here; the trigger was left in place after the trap was removed long ago.
  21. An open backpack lies on the ground, its contents strewn about as if hastily ransacked. A spare set of dirty clothes, two iron spikes, a wheel of hard, moldy cheese, and a lock of hair tied with a ribbon can be salvaged. Anything else of value has been stolen or destroyed.
  22. An open, shallow ten-foot deep, 15-foot wide pit pierces the floor. Dusty rubble covers the bottom of the pit.
  23. An unfinished mural covers part of the wall here. The paint is faded and flaking. What the mural depicts is left to the Labyrinth Lord.
  24. Arrows or other marks are chalked upon the wall, indicating the direction of travel taken by unknown parties. If the PCs leave these marks alone, they will have either been erased (75% chance) or altered (25% chance) the next time they pass through this area.
  25. Ash from burned wood lies in a pile in the center of the room as the aroma of a recent meal mixes with the wood fire smell.
  26. As above, except an assassin vine (CR 3) also lurks on the wall.
  27. As the party enters this area, they hear the sound of a door banging shut. The sound seems to originate from some distance away, but they are unsure of which direction it originated from.
  28. As you move through the area an audible click sounds from below your feet, but nothing else happens. (Careful investigations reveal a pit trap wedged shut filling much of the floor.)
  29. As you pass through the area, several small pieces of rubble fall from an unstable section of ceiling, narrowly missing you.
  30. A 4‘ tall holy water font stands forgotten in the corner. The font is filled with normal, but very filthy water.
  31. A 6‘ tall wooden statue of a barbarian holding a handful of cigars leans against the wall here. This advertising display was stolen from a passing merchants‘ caravan and then discarded.
  32. A 10‘ wide, 1‘ deep depression is excavated into the floor here. This was intended to be a pit trap, but was never completed.
  33. A 10‘ × 10‘ section of floor here is covered in a layer of white powder. A single set of booted footprints reveals someone has passed through this area recently. The powder is common flour, left behind by adventurers fearing they were pursued by an invisible foe.
  34. A bang akin to a door being slammed shut echoes through the gloomy halls.
  35. A battered shield, its surface pitted by acid, lies propped against a nearby wall. If picked up and used, it shatters the first time it sees combat.
  36. A battered wheelbarrow filled with debris and simple tools (broom, mallet, bucket, etc.) stands in the center of this area. Spilled blood stains the floor by the wheelbarrow‘s handles. The wheelbarrow‘s owner appears to have succumbed to sudden violence.
  37. A broken spear haft lies on the dusty floor; rust wreathes its dull head.
  38. A cairn of jumbled stones—too small to be a grave—stands in the centre of the area. Perhaps it once served as a boundary marker.
  39. A cave-in blocks the corridor. Dust and grit covers the floor. Haphazardly piled stones nearby suggest someone tried to clear the blockage, but quickly gave up.
  40. A childish illustration has been drawn or carved into the wall’s surface.
  41. A chilling wind issues from the darkness ahead and blows over you and your companions. It tugs at your cloaks and seems to cut through your bodies before it dies away.
  42. A clump of fungi and mould grows in the shadows cast by a narrow overhang jutting from one wall.
  43. A crudely mortared wall of stones blocks access to whatever lies beyond a small alcove piercing one wall.
  44. A crude deadfall trap is located here. The trap is sprung and the body of a small dead creature (rat, giant centipede, snake, etc.) protrudes from under the fallen stone.
  45. A crude drawing of a monster has been drawn onto the wall. There is a 25% chance this illustration correlates to the creature with the highest individual CR in the dungeon.
  46. A crude table made from a stolen dungeon door resting on sawhorses stands here. The top of the table is littered with empty bottles and crude cups. An earthenware bowl containing a single copper coin stands beside a small wooden placard that reads, 'Tips' in Kobold.
  47. A dagger hilt juts from a crack in the floor; the dagger can be removed from the crack easily but the weapon's blade is dull and pointless.
  48. A dark spirit passed through the wall, sapping it and all of its dressings of any resemblance of warmth, cheer or good tidings.
  49. A discarded dust-shrouded torch stub lies on the floor.
  50. A discarded wineskin lies on the floor. The faint smell of red wine is barely detectable.
  51. A distant gong sounds once.
  52. A distant howling—deeper than that of any dog— echoes through Gloamhold’s halls.
  53. A doorway pierces one wall of the corridor. The stone around the doorway is scorched and blackened. Close to the door, some of the stone even seems to have melted.
  54. A door has been painted onto one of the surfaces of this area. Depending on where the painted portal is placed, the door will either appear to be a normal dungeon door (wall), the underside of a trapdoor (ceiling), or the top of a trapdoor complete with iron pull ring (floor). Although skillfully rendered, it is just a painting and has no unusual properties.
  55. A faint breeze blows into your faces.
  56. A faint breeze suddenly blows through the area, kicking up a small cloud of dust and ruffling the PCs‘ hair. This draught was caused by the closest Wind Obelisk activating. It quickly passes.
  57. A faint chanting—from an indeterminable source—reaches your ears.
  58. A faint shuffling sound emerges from the darkness behind the party.
  59. A flash of white in the darkness catches a PC‘s eye. Upon closer inspection, he finds a whitewashed iron coin on the ground. The number ―5‖ is painted in red on both sides of the coin. This is a chip issued by the Casino (which will be detailed in Stonehell Dungeon Book Two).
  60. A flat surface in this area is marked by simple mathematical calculations done in chalk. The writer was attempting to divide 537 by four. His calculations are wrong.
  61. A foul, violet mist leaks into the chamber from cracks in the wall.
  62. A gaping open pit in one of this chamber’s doorways blocks access to the area beyond. Two skeletons, pierced by dozens of tiny stone spikes, lie in the pit. The chamber boasts a stone plinth and altar set in a semi-circular niche. The chamber’s other doorway—twice the width of the trapped one—appears unprotected.
  63. A gargoyle (CR 4) clings to the wall, pretending to be part of the wall’s dressings.
  64. A greasy slick mars the floor here. This oily, unknown substance is in a roughly humanoid shape. This is the remains of a slain Doom Lure (see p. 37).
  65. A great crack splits the wall to the left where it meets the floor. Faint cracks radiate outwards across the floor for a good 10 ft. or so.
  66. A growth of pallid, bloated mushrooms covers the floor. The fungus patch vaguely resembles the outline of a humanoid body lying in repose. Whether this is coincidence or has a more sinister reason is left to the Labyrinth Lord.
  67. A gust of wind swirls down the corridor; it has a 50% chance of extinguishing unprotected light sources such as torches.
  68. A handprint of dried, flecked blood mars one wall.
  69. A heap of mouldering wood and thick rotting rope partially blocks the corridor. The wood and rope smell of mould and decay. The sodden wood looks so soft almost anyone could crush it in their hand. (The rope—while thick—breaks if used to support any weight greater than 100 lbs. There is 120 ft. of rope, but it weighs three times as much as normal.)
  70. A holy (or unholy) symbol has been drawn or carved onto the wall.
  71. A jagged, one-foot crack runs across this chamber’s floor. Beyond, two archways lead into narrow corridors.
  72. A jumble of bones—some kind of large long-dead lizard—lie sprawled upon the floor.
  73. A large arched niche pierces one wall of this chamber. Filled with rotting wood and rubble, the niche appears to be a dumping ground of sorts. Elsewhere in the room, several sections of floor are cracked and pitted.
  74. A large faded chalk arrow on the wall points back the way you have come.
  75. A large mouth suddenly appears on the wall near the closest exit and says in a loud voice, “Not this way, you fools, for your death awaits beyond.”
  76. A large patch of emerald-green moss grows on the floor here. It is plush and luxuriant despite the lack of sunlight, and would make for comfortable bedding. Unfortunately, the moss produces a mild soporific and anyone resting on the moss must make a save vs. poison to awaken for any reason before eight hours have past. A neutralize poison spell will negate this effect.
  77. A large shattered crossbow bolt lies broken on the floor; a deep gouge in the wall shows where it struck.
  78. A light or one‐handed weapon is wedged into the wall, likely as a result of a misplaced swing.
  79. A loud crash from somewhere above causes dust and tiny flecks of stone to sift down from the ceiling.
  80. A low mortared wall of dressed stone surrounds a shaft piercing this room’s floor. Two broken buckets, one still attached to a short length of rope, lie discarded nearby. The ceiling is of natural unworked stone—as if the chamber had not been finished. Four archways—one in each wall—lead elsewhere.
  81. A low rumbling echoes throughout the area. Dust and loose dirt sift down from the ceiling above. After a few moments, the sound ceases. This is caused by one of the elevator rooms in operation. More than 200 six-inch long iron nails have been driven into a wall at this location. There is no apparent pattern or purpose to them.
  82. A makeshift shrine stands here. Consisting of a plank stretched across two rocks and topped with a vaguely anthropomorphic idol chiseled from stone, the shrine is littered with small trinkets of devotion (feathers, pretty stones, twists of wire, etc.) left as offerings.
  83. A meaty slop clings to the wall as though a plate of food were thrown at it.
  84. A mould infestation has taken over the wall, reducing its hardness by half.
  85. A narrow opening in one wall leads to a tight spiral staircase. (It turns twice before reaching a stone door that opens to reveal long gallery. Small cunningly hidden slits cut into the wall provide a commanding view of the corridor below.)
  86. A noticeable groove in the floor—perhaps worn by the tread of countless feet—runs down the centre of this ten-foot wide corridor. Without deviation, it leads directly away from the party.
  87. A number of wax dolls have been pinned to the wall by their heads; at the GM’s decision, these dolls resemble the PCs or a prominent NPC.
  88. A one-foot wide channel full of slowly flowing muddy water emerges from one wall, cuts across the floor and disappears into the opposite wall. The dust lies thickly here; it appears no one has passed this way for untold years.
  89. A pair of worn-out boots has been discarded in this area. A tiny toxic spider lives in the right boot. It bites anything that disturbs it. Anyone reaching into the boot with his hand must save vs. poison or lose use of the appendage for 24 hours or until the poison is neutralized.
  90. A partial carving of a gigantic staring eye decorates the lintel above a doorway; it appears the carving was never finished as the eye lacks an iris.
  91. A partial map detailing the way back to the closest entrance to this level has been sketched in ink on a flat surface in this area (tabletop, floor, wall, etc.). A skull & crossbones appears over one room or hallway.
  92. A patch of deadly mindslaver mold (CR 3) has taken over the wall.
  93. A patch of deadly russet mold (CR 6) has grown over the wall.
  94. A pentagram is drawn in chalk upon the floor here. Melted puddles of wax at its points indicate the former presence of burned candles. A detect evil spell reveals faint traces of malignant power in the area.
  95. A pewter holy symbol, twisted and bent as if crushed by a powerful hand, lies forgotten in a corner.
  96. A piece of furniture has been smashed into the wall; its broken pieces litter the ground.
  97. A piercing scream suddenly breaks the silence; it quickly fades away into pain-filled gurgling. After a moment, that too falls silent.
  98. A pile of rotting wood, rubbish and other detritus partially obscures one wall of this chamber. The stench of decay and rot hangs heavily in the air.
  99. A plain five-foot wide shaft pierces the ceiling and floor. A strong breeze blows up the shaft, making the area of corridor in its immediate vicinity noticeably colder. (Explorers looking up or down the shaft discovers it extends as far as their vision. At certain points, it seems to intersect other open spaces.)
  100. A pool of dried blood stains the floor. A blood trail leads from this area, but disappears after 1d100+50 feet.
  101. A portion of the wall and ceiling in this area are covered by rough timber scaffolding and temporary support posts. There are many cracks in the stonework and an occaisonal drift of dirt and dust falls from the ceiling. Should the supports and scaffolding be removed or destroyed (which takes 3 turns), there is a 15% chance that the ceiling and wall collapses,
  102. A portion of the wall has been crudely patched and mortared. A careful examination reveals the tip of a finger protruding from one corner of the stonework. If the wall is broken open, a dead humanoid monster, its throat slit, is discovered concealed in a hastily excavated cavity behind the stones. Murder most foul!
  103. A proclamation of love is carved into the wall; a set of initials surrounded by a heart.
  104. A puddle of stagnant water 3‘ in diameter has collected here. Many damp footprints of small vermin (rats, centipedes, etc.) radiate away from this impromptu watering hole.
  105. A raised dais dominates the centre of this chamber. Upon the dais, stands a beautifully carved fountain surrounded by a sunken pool. The fountain has been crafted to depict a trio of thick tentacles bursting forth from the pool’s centre. No water now flows here and the pool is dry and full of rubbish, refuse and dust.
  106. A random piece of poetry or philosophy has been written onto the wall.
  107. A religious saying has been written or carved onto the wall.
  108. A ripped and sodden sack lies crumpled on the floor.
  109. A rotting pile of wood fills one corner; it probably once comprised furniture.
  110. A rough-hewn timber coffin leans against the wall. It is soiled and smelly, but empty. Several lidded buckets stand here. A round hole has been cut into each lid. The buckets are filled with waste and a foul odor hangs in the air. The chances of encountering a wandering monster are doubled as long as the PCs remain in the area.
  111. A rusty crowbar is wedged into a crack in the wall here, located 5‘ above the floor. The tool is so firmly embedded that only magically-enhanced strength can pry it free.
  112. A sack stuffed with dried grass hangs from a hook on the wall. A target drawn in red paint decorates the sack‘s exterior and several arrows protrude from it.
  113. A section of the floor here is smeared with rancid grease. Characters moving through the area quickly must make a DEX check or slip and fall, taking a point of damage. If any character who slips is wearing plate mail, the resulting clanging incurs a wandering monster check.
  114. A severed hand gripping a broken short sword lies upon the floor, the shattered blade pointing in the direction the PCs are headed.
  115. A severed limb from a fallen adversary has been nailed onto the wall without concern for its existing dressings.
  116. A shredded bloodstained cloak—caught on a rocky protuberance—flutters in a light breeze.
  117. A silken tapestry of spider webs cling to the wall. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A spider swarm (CR 1) makes its home in these holes.
  118. A silver coin lies invitingly in plain sight in the middle of the floor. Further ahead, another coin glimmers in your lights.
  119. A skull (Labyrinth Lord‘s choice of creature type) is found here. The skull is old and is decorated with whorls of ochre paint that hint at religious or arcane significance. At the Labyrinth Lord‘s discretion, the skull is a magical fetish created by one of Stonehell‘s monster races. In the hands of unbelievers (i.e. the PCs), the skull produces a reversed bless effect on all within 20‘ of it (-1 to attack, damage, and morale rolls). Despite this, the skull is not cursed and may be discarded freely.
  120. A small sack of moldy potatoes leans against the wall here. Stuffed inside one of the spuds is a gemstone worth 10 gp.
  121. A small stack of masonry stones and treated lumber is discovered here. Dust and cobwebs cover the pile of materials, indicating they‘ve not been touched in some time. Harmless vermin scurry from hiding if the materials are disturbed. The exposed stonework here is immaculately clean, almost gleaming in the party‘s torchlight. This could be from a passing gelatinous cube or the efforts of the kobold work crews.
  122. A smattering of dried blood decorates the floor.
  123. A smear of charcoal on the wall at about a human’s shoulder height shows where someone stubbed out a torch.
  124. A smear of dried blood mars the floor.
  125. A soundless and spectral cloaked figure emerges from one wall and glides toward you before sinking into the floor.
  126. A spear suddenly clatters into the wall close to your head. The force of the impact twists the spear tip, rendering the weapon all but useless. Of the attacker, there is no sign.
  127. A spider web of tiny cracks crisscross the floor; a faint, but chill breeze emanates from within.
  128. A sporadic trail of worn silver coins—stamped with a troglodyte’s head—runs for about fifty feet before abruptly ceasing.
  129. A steaming pile of feces has been deposited here. Based on size alone, whatever left it behind was quite large.
  130. A stone channel cut into the floor by one wall holds sluggishly flowing water. The discoloured water carries much grit and silt, and is unlikely to be drinkable without treatment. Faded chalk writing above the stream comprises one word: “safe”.
  131. A strong wind blows through the area and extinguishes all nonmagical open flames.
  132. A successful Hear Noise roll in this location discerns the sound of drums far off in the distance. The drumming echoes faintly down the halls and through the rooms of the dungeon for 1d3 turns before silencing. This could be the Depraved Berserkers preparing for a hunt (see Level 4A p. 86) or just musically inclined monsters relaxing.
  133. A sudden flash of light—perhaps from a lantern briefly un-shuttered—betrays the presence of someone up ahead.
  134. A swarm of nauseating but harmless vermin (roaches, worms, tiny centipedes, etc) crawls across the area. Something seems to have disturbed them...
  135. A thick green slime covers a portion of the area ahead, clinging to the walls and dripping from the ceiling above. Attempts to burn the slime fail, as it is extremely watery. Experimentation reveals the substance to be a harmless mix of oatmeal, paint, water, and dirt: a concoction created by the kobolds and often used as a practical joke.
  136. A trail of 1d100+25 silver pieces leads out of sight from this location (down a hall, around a corner, or through a doorway). These coins may be bait left by a monster lying in wait or have spilled from a passing adventurer‘s holed sack.
  137. A trail of slimy, slightly iridescent mucus passes through this location. The trail runs along the floor, walls, and even ceiling, before winding out of sight. Following this trail results in it either drying up or ending in a large splatter, as if the creature that made it was abruptly pounced upon and devoured.
  138. A trap has been built onto (or into) the wall following its original construction; see Table C for a list of suitable traps. Attempts to locate this trap with Perception gain a +5 bonus.
  139. A warped bookcase leans against the wall in this area. A series of tool marks mar the ceiling above it. It seems that the shelves were used as a crude ladder to assist investigation of this location‘s ceiling. If the Labyrinth Lord wishes, there could be something to discover in the location above the bookcase.
  140. A wide stream channel cuts the corridor in half. A gently arched stone bridge crosses the stream. The bridge has no parapet or handrail, but is only 15-foot long.
  141. A wineskin pierced by an arrow is found. A single mouthful of potent, tasty liquor remains inside.
  142. A wooden palette encrusted with dried mortar is found. A rusty trowel is embedded in the mortar. Three empty wine bottles lie on their sides here. A small puddle of spilt wine next to them points to the recent consumption of their contents.
  143. Banners of a nearby kingdom preserved from days of old lie in tribute throughout this room lit by a faint magical glow.
  144. Barrels cover the entire room;,with a single small passage between them leading to a far wall. It smells musty and decayed.
  145. Bas-reliefs of ancient dwarven runes (warning and danger) are carved up and down the walls of this room with intricate precision.
  146. Bat guano covers the floor of this room, heavily booted tracks lead about the room as if someone was exploring in earnest.
  147. Behind the door is a spring-loaded trap that triggers if opened more than halfway
  148. Below a floor of crystal lies a perfectly laid-out skeletal form of a dragon wearing a crown of bone and having eyes of gemstones.
  149. Bizarrely, the floor is of two heights; one five-foot above the other. A slender, unadorned stone railing separates the two sections of corridor. The ceiling is uniformly 20-foot high. A short flight of cracked, shallow steps drop the corridor’s level by a few feet. A broken crossbow bolt lies discarded on the bottom step.
  150. Blast marks of sunburst power are splashed about the far walls as if someone had cast mighty combat spells at one time.
  151. Blood splatter coats the wall.
  152. Bones piled in the shape of a pyramid are in the very center of this room, a single grinning fanged skull at the very top.
  153. Bookshelves of moldy, forgotten lore sit piled haphazardly about. A teak box, no bigger than a skull, sits off to one side.
  154. Brick on the ground seems to have a heavy acidic smell coming from it
  155. Brown slime covers the ceiling; occasionally small globules of gunk drip down onto the slippery floor.
  156. Careful examination shows that every corner of this room has deliberately been carved to be rounded and not have straight angles.
  157. Carvings of a great volcano erupting and laying waste to an ancient city are masterfully executed in great detail into one wall.
  158. Ceiling blocks appear to be slowly dislodging as plant roots peek through the cracks and water drips slowly onto the smooth stone floor.
  159. Ceiling tile appears reflective, as if it wasn’t really stone
  160. Cell bars sit in the corner of this room, betraying its use as a prison or jail; the smell of sweat and decay is strong here.
  161. Center of the floor is drawn has summoning runes drawn in charcoal and ash. Candles and small sharp serrated blades lie scattered.
  162. Coarse rat hairs lie scattered about this room, and crumbs of food lie in the corners.
  163. Cobwebs choke the exit from this area.
  164. Cobwebs of long dead spiders cling wistfully to all the corners, as spider corpses lie about the floor.
  165. Cold water drips from the ceiling into small puddles on the floor.
  166. Cold water from the ceiling drips onto your head and shoulders.
  167. Construction of a door leading from this room began but was abandoned; no tools are found.
  168. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A bat swarm (CR 2) makes its home in these holes.
  169. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A centipede swarm (CR 4) makes its home in these holes.
  170. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A cockroach swarm (CR 2) dwells within.
  171. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A grey ooze (CR 3) makes its home in these holes.
  172. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A rat swarm (CR 2) makes its home in these holes.
  173. Countless fist‐sized holes dot the wall. A wasp swarm (CR 3) makes its home in these holes.
  174. Countless fist‐sized holes, now plugged up with mortar, dot the wall.
  175. Crackling magical energy fills the air. The smell of ozone reaches your nostrils but there is no other visible effect.
  176. Cracks appear on all the walls as if pressure from above is both constant and aggressive.
  177. Cracks, erosion and mould damage have the unexplainable consequence of imprinting a random PC or NPC’s likeness upon the wall.
  178. Crude, simple benches face one bare wall, but no altar, dais, shrine, or holy monument can be seen.
  179. Cubby holes built into the walls of this room each contain a personal study with desk, chair, and ink, all unused for some time.
  180. Curtains cover the wall and any dressings under them the dungeon’s denizens find unappealing.
  181. Damage from acidic corrosion dots the wall.
  182. Damage from arrows, crossbow bolts or similar pieces of ammunition dot the wall. There is a 25% chance several projectile remain embedded in the wall.
  183. Dark gray marble covers the mosaic floor with lines of bloodstone set like lightning bolts.
  184. Deep scratches on the wall are indicative of sword or axe blows.
  185. Dozens of black iron candle holders nearly three feet high are propped up, the candles long extinguished, melted wax all around.
  186. Drab paint covers the wall. A DC 20 Perception check reveals the faint outline of another painting below it.
  187. Dried dung—clearly from a large creature— decorates the floor.
  188. Dust falling from above coats your heads and shoulders.
  189. Egress/portcullis set in the ceiling but no visible lever or catch to control its position.
  190. Entire floor is warped and rippled across, making footing dangerous; wall sconces hang empty.
  191. Exact measurements of the room or corridor have been chiseled into the wall in Dwarvish. Snorri Broadshoulders (p. 29) would be interested in seeing these.
  192. Exquisite statue of a human woman in plate armor stands in a corner; her hand poised up as if to cover her face from danger.
  193. Faded words carved into the wall are still legible: “The gods will grant me justice.”
  194. Faint mist clings to the floor.
  195. Faint tracks in the dust record the passage of a small group of booted humanoids. (A skilled tracker can determine there were five individuals and one was much smaller than the rest—perhaps a gnome or halfling).
  196. Flecks of metal lie near a pile of burned wood, the smell reminiscent of a black smith’s workshop.
  197. Floor and walls are checkered; the light-colored ones are reflective, but produce a horrid image of the looker; if avoided and someone steps only on the black ones the trap is set off
  198. Footprints in the dust show someone entering, walking along the perimeter and leaving...
  199. For a moment listeners seem to hear faint footfalls echoing throughout this room as of someone dashing for cover, but there is nothing within.
  200. Foul smelling breeze is coming through cracks and small holes in the wall
  201. Four bedrolls and discarded mouldering foodstuffs along with a suit of rusty chainmail shows were once someone rested.
  202. Four pillars once held the ceiling aloft, here. Three yet stand, but one has fallen scattering rubble about the area. One of the other pillars obviously once held a secret for a small one-foot square niche at its base stands open and (sadly) empty.
  203. Four sarcophagi lean against a nearby wall, their lids loose but still covering whatever lies within
  204. Four two-foot-wide circular pits sit in opposite corners; faint scraping noises come from within
  205. Garish emerald colors were sloppily applied to all the corners; sacks of dried leaves lie open
  206. Glimmering motes of shimmering light bob in the air at the extent of your lights. If anyone approaches, the lights change to a deep, baleful red before fading away.
  207. Glittering specks of minerals cling to the wall and create a rainbow of colours in even the faintest light.
  208. Gold food platters are fixed crudely to the ceiling by iron spikes driven in at odd angles
  209. Graffiti scratched into the wall—perhaps with a dagger—reads, “MH & RF.”
  210. Grating covers a wide pit nearly the size of the room, with dark, oily water beneath
  211. Ground feels very soft and roller-like, as if it would start to roll anyone standing on it forward
  212. Ground is smooth but there are a lot of grains of sand all around
  213. Half-way down the corridor a small forest of long slender stone spikes has burst from the floor. Half the skeleton of a humanoid lies sprawled nearby. The unfortunate’s legs remain upright, impaled on several spikes.
  214. Hall is pitch black and rumbles loudly as light approaches it
  215. Hanging braziers in the corners of the room glow brightly from the materials within, the ceiling concealed by thick smoke
  216. Hundreds of sketches of a particular subject adorn the wall; at the GM’s decision, these sketches may be of a PC or a prominent NPC.
  217. Illusory sound and light play a quick dark tune on an unseen wind instrument, suggesting doom and despair.
  218. In a small recess in the center of the room lies a book with covers of stone, a seven-pointed star carved into its face.
  219. In one corner is the intact skeleton of some huge giant, still curled in a fetal position but bones completely stripped of meat.
  220. In the middle of the floor, the cement is cracked as if something big keeps running down the middle
  221. Iron cauldron of immense size hangs suspended above an alchemical fire flashing different colors heating the liquid within.
  222. Iron maiden leans against the far wall, a pair of wide-open eyes staring out of the facial slit in stark terror.
  223. Large basin of hot coals burns slowly against the far wall, illuminating the entire chamber in a crimson hue of unease.
  224. Large circular stone in the middle of the floor has debris around it, as if it had been spinning
  225. Large crudely-made wooden coffin is in the very center of the room, a padlock used to lock shut the heavy lid.
  226. Leathery giant batlike wings from some poor creature have been nailed crudely against the walls providing gruesome covering.
  227. Letters have been cut from various tomes and pressed onto the wall, spelling out one or more of the PCs’ names.
  228. Light is seen in the area ahead. Edging closer, the party discovers a lit lantern resting on a flat surface in this location. The lantern is normal adventuring gear and is one-quarter filled with oil. There is no sign of its owner.
  229. Loose flooring has collapsed a section of the floor. Slime coats the far wall and an acidic liquid has collected in the uneven floor.
  230. Loose tiles cover the floor in no particular order; in places the largest tiles have been shattered with a hammer or maul.
  231. Magical light emanating from the room's center ceiling shines down on a meticulously detailed angelic statue resting there.
  232. Major patches of the wall are damaged and have begun to crumble away; treat the wall as though it had half its total number of hit points.
  233. Many holes on the ground look as though they contain spikes within them
  234. Many small smooth holes look as through something has eaten away at the stonework
  235. Marks of tar splatter about the aged and cracked stone floor and walls. After close inspection, the tar appears to be an unidentifiable ichor, fused to the stone.
  236. Matching the horrible smell, one corner reveals a large pile of moldy food and sewage while another is the scene of carnage and butchery.
  237. Mining tools and twisted maps lie about the chamber as if excavation work was about to begin, but no progress has been made.
  238. Miniscule puncture holes in various places throughout the room exude a strange smoke akin to incense, but much stronger.
  239. Mirrors in the corners reflect the light from many torches set in wall sconces and draw the eye to many dancing shadows.
  240. Moisture from an unseen source permeates the room, coating clothing and flesh and dampening hair; animals are skittish.
  241. Moldy old mattresses have been affixed to the ceiling, floor, and walls of this chamber in an attempt to “pad” it for some reason.
  242. Mold clings to the walls of this room and watery slime runs down to the floor, where it collects in the center, which is slightly angled in and depressed.
  243. Mold clings to the wall where a small trickle of water passes through a crack and runs onto the floor, making a puddle of mud and grime.
  244. Multiple mobiles constructed from bones, twine, bits of metal, and polished stones hang from the ceiling. They spin slowly in the dungeon‘s air currents. They are the work of the Small Men.
  245. Mushrooms and fungi cover the entire floor like some exotic, fantastic carpet, occasionally twitching and moving away from something underneath.
  246. Myriad flecks of light glitter in the darkness ahead, looking like a field of subterranean stars. As the PCs move closer, their light sources reveal the walls and ceiling of this area are covered with more than a hundred tiny glow worms.
  247. Nearby lies the snapped-off head of an arrow, blood covering its wickedly pointed tip.
  248. Near the door lie the remains of an old falling spike trap, long since sprung and never reset.
  249. Niches pierce one wall of this corridor. Each holds a three-foot high plinth. Upon each plinth stands the statue of a snarling warrior holding a spear angled out into the corridor. Each statue depicts a short, muscular reptilian humanoid with a lizard-like head. (Explorers can easily walk beneath the spears).
  250. Oily rags and empty tin vials are thrown in a corner. A single workbench of immense size, missing a leg, is against the far wall. Random broken tools lie scattered on the bench.
  251. Old barrels marked with an unknown stamp lie about; the strong vinegar smell of wasted wine permeates the room, mixing with decay and dust.
  252. Old bookshelves are set into the walls. A pile of books lie together in the center of the room, dissolved by acid or magic.
  253. Old rope bridge gives a way to cross this room with a deep and murky water-filled crevasse across the room's center. The rope is frayed in places, suggesting its overuse.
  254. Old wood cots rest against the walls. Vermin-infested blankets and sheets lie scattered about the room. On one cot sits a small barrel and on another a rusted sword.
  255. Once a laboratory, a shattered table points to broken glass, rubber tubing, and colored powder about the room. No liquids remain, perhaps evaporated years ago.
  256. Once-fine tapestries fill the room with now-faded scenes of battle glory and demonic figures. The rugs are soiled and the corners of the room filled with dust and lint.
  257. Once‐eldritch runes decorate the wall, expended following the casting of a powerful spell.
  258. One hundred ―gold‖ coins have been glued to this area‘s ceiling. The coins are actually copper, covered with a thin veneer of gold-colored paint. The adhesive that holds them is quite strong and they can only be pried free with a successful Open Doors check at a -2 penalty or by applying oil to the coins. It takes a half hour to remove all 100 coins.
  259. One of the PCs feels something crawl across the back of his neck as he moves through the area. This sensation is caused merely by a loose strand of cobweb or the character‘s own hair, amplified by the dungeon‘s spooky atmosphere.
  260. One of the PCs feels their foot strike an unseen object as they move about this location. Groping about turns up an invisible small sack. Inside the sack, and thus also invisible, is a set of thieves‘ tools, 50‘ of rope, linen bandages, and three cloves of garlic. This sack was obviously dropped by a passing adventurer.
  261. One wall shows evidence of burns, except for the center of the wall with a humanoid outline. The room is otherwise clean, all the evidence of its use burned away.
  262. On a stone slab in the room's center lies an ancient parchment with arcane symbols and crude drawings of catfish lie in the margins. The slab is otherwise untouched.
  263. On the floor, a bare foot and part of a leg protrudes into this area (from around a corner or through an open entryway). Closer examination reveals it to be a piece of broken statuary. The leg is intact up to the thigh, where it ends there in jagged stone.
  264. Open crates marked with a well-known merchant house name are pushed to one side, hay and packing material scattered about.
  265. Painted in blood with an unskilled hand stands the avatar of a dark god, as well as his holy symbol.
  266. Parts of the wall have been removed and piled into the centre of the chamber.
  267. Partway along the corridor, a steep set of steps descends for about five-feet. Fifteen-foot further on, an identical set returns the corridor to its normal level. Above the sunken section, the ceiling—unworked stone—drops by a similar amount. Thus, explorers cannot see what lies beyond.
  268. Part of one wall of this room has collapsed, revealing the natural rock behind the dressed stone wall. The rubble has been moved to create a breastwork across one of the room’s exits. Splatters of old, dried blood decorate the top of the breastwork.
  269. Part of the wall is charred save for a humanoid‐ shaped spot in the centre of the damage.
  270. Patches of blue-green mold appear here. The mold is harmless to living creatures, but quickly breaks down any non-living organic matter (wood, paper, leather, etc.) it comes in contact with. One turn after contact with the material, mold begins growing on the item‘s surface. If not scraped off within 2 turns, the item crumbles and becomes useless
  271. Patches of slimy, purple scum grow about the area. The scum is harmless and anyone brave enough to eat the substance discovers it tastes surprisingly like peppermint. This material might be useful to magic-users and alchemists.
  272. Perfect rendition of a spider has been cut into the floor, each leg stretching to touch a nearby wall segment.
  273. Pieces of broken axe handles, great clubs, and other wooden objects appear tossed into the room.
  274. Piles of rusted, crushed, and partially dissolved armor pieces and shields are in this chamber, some with surviving maker marks.
  275. Pipes stick out of the walls at odd angles aiming into the room. They appear to be made of iron and faint wind whistling can be heard.
  276. Planks of wood, finished doors with iron bands, and piles of finished hinge work lie about this chamber awaiting use.
  277. Pool of perpetually bubbling lava lies in the center of this room; deep scented brimstone assaults the senses. Oddly, there is no heat, despite the rising vapors.
  278. Poorly concealed false door hangs open against one wall; a thin rope attached to its handle lies limply in the room’s center.
  279. Rats scatter at the intrusion here, making their way into tiny burrows gnawed into the room's corners and cubbyholes.
  280. Recently a fire had to have wracked this chamber. The telltale smells of extinguished fire and flame are strong but nothing can be seen. It is actually hard to breathe.
  281. Religious symbol is crudely carved into the wall.
  282. Remains of a camp are evident. A sleeping bag and simple tools were left behind by a lone explorer not long ago. (See tables 3–107 and 3–108 for more).
  283. Roll once on Table A. The resulting dressing is present on the wall, but was clearly added after the wall’s construction.
  284. Roll once on Table A; a suitable dressing described by your result is actually a wandering mimic (CR 4) in disguise.
  285. Roll once on Table A; the wall was repurposed from its original dressings to the result’s dressings, but faint traces of the original remain.
  286. Scorch marks on the floor indicate a flask of oil was spilled and set aflame here. The soot is fresh and can be wiped away easily.
  287. Scorch marks on two of the room’s walls and the floor bear mute testimony to—surely—fire magic being used here. The ceiling remains untouched, but the burnt, cracked bones of some unfortunate humanoid mars the centre of the scorched area.
  288. Scratch marks on the floor and walls show someone was unwillingly dragged from this room.
  289. Sections of the far stone wall have been worked by someone with magic trying to manipulate the shape or style of the stone.
  290. Sets of torture equipment and tools of the trade lie scattered about. A whip encased in a glass box hangs on the far wall alongside a rack of tools, such as boards, pliers, thumbscrews, and tongs.
  291. Several bricks have been removed from the wall at human head height to reveal an (empty) once‐ secret niche
  292. Several games of tic-tac-toe are drawn on a nearby wall in chalk. These were either done by bored guards or idle adventurers.
  293. Several iron pegs were hammered into the wall without care for whatever dressings that might have already been located there.
  294. Several leathery eggshells cover the floor here, their insides coated in a thin layer of yolk. These are either the remains of some creature‘s meal or the remnants of a reptilian egg clutch‘s recent hatching.
  295. Several love letters have been stuck to the wall; at the GM’s decision, these letters may require translation from an exotic tongue.
  296. Several sets of shredded dwarven-sized outfits lie about the floor. There is no evidence of a scuffle, and no bodies or blood to be found.
  297. Several small piles of stones are placed about the area. Each pile contains exactly thirteen rocks and is placed equidistant from one another. This is the work of the Small Men.
  298. Shards of pottery and a few mouldy rags lie scattered in the middle of the floor.
  299. Simple common objects like a lanter, quill pen, parchment pages, and a brass urn float softly throughout the room from unseen magic.
  300. Simple dais against the far wall leads to an unfinished altar made of brown basalt with what appear to be dried blood stains thereon.
  301. Single lantern burns with a magical light inside. An iron covering with cut-out shapes allows the light to (confusingly) project larger ghosts on all the walls.
  302. Single piece of thick rope hangs from a stone in the center of the room, literally coming out of the ceiling itself, not on a hook.
  303. Single stone sarcophagus seemingly has no lid. Ancient runes are carved around the room at the very top near the ceiling.
  304. Single wall once dividing the room in half has recently crumbled down, littering the surrounding floor with loose rubble. A single pick axe protrudes from under the rubble.
  305. Six pillars stretching from floor to ceiling hold up the ceiling of this large room. Rusted manacles dangle loosely from each pillar, the locks broken open long ago.
  306. Six staggered doorways pierce the walls of this corridor. Two have closed stone doors, while the other four stand open. The bas-relief carving of a hideous, man-sized winged and be- tentacled demon leers at explorers from a plinth set in a recessed niche at the end of the corridor. Its three crimson eyes glimmer menacingly.
  307. Skeletons suspended from the neck hang limply from the walls, as if their heads were melded with the stone and trapped.
  308. Sliding flagstones in the floor reveal a nearly 30-foot-deep pit with old, moldy skeletons impaled on spikes below.
  309. Slime runs from corner to corner, creating both treacherous footing and an odd, stinging smell that assaults the senses and attracts all manner of parasitic insects.
  310. Small circle of runes no more than a foot around are off to one side, each rune a different color and of unknown origin.
  311. Small darts lie scattered about the floor, each showing it was once coated with a filmy liquid. A wooden board on the wall suggests this was once a training room or interrogation chamber.
  312. Small figurines of mounted humanoid figures each wielding a lance sit atop a table on some sort of mosaic game board
  313. Small numerals are etched into the wall, noting the passage of time.
  314. Soft giggling emerges from the darkness.
  315. Someone appears to have recently attempted to clean the wall with soap and water in 1d4 places before giving up.
  316. Someone has painted a picture of a person onto the wall. The portrait is covered with darts and other signs of impact; at the GM’s decision, this sketch is of a PC or a prominent NPC.
  317. Someone spent time hanging wire and tapestries attempting to divide this room into different sections for whatever reason.
  318. Something has made the wall unnaturally smooth to the touch.
  319. Sound in this area is muted. The jingle of the characters‘ armor, the rustling of their clothes, and the creak of leather straps is much softer than normal. Even attempts to make loud noises only produce sound at three-quarters normal volume.
  320. Spots of ice mark the otherwise unadorned walls of this chamber. Icicles hang down from the ceiling and the room is somewhat cold, but not freezing.
  321. Spots on the wall are unexplainably darker than other parts.
  322. Statues of what appear to be kings only four feet high are carved out of the room's walls, each wielding a different, unique weapon.
  323. Stone debris on the ground and walls appears to have been struck repeatedly with something large
  324. Stone is slightly discolored and smooth compared to the rest
  325. Stone slabs jut out at violent angles from the various walls, each big enough to support a human- sized body.
  326. Stone walls have a smooth feel to them, as if someone had sanded them down
  327. Strewn about the floor are dozens of helmets of various sizes and design, some from lost empires or nations that have sinced changed their army uniforms.
  328. Suddenly, the harsh clatter of metal on metal—or perhaps metal on stone—reaches your ears from an unknown direction. The sound fades away almost as quickly as it began.
  329. The PCs come upon the site of a recent kill. The dead carcass of an unintelligent monster (chosen from the wandering monster table for this location) is found here. The body bears grievous wounds and has been partially eaten or butchered. The chances of encountering a wandering monster are doubled as long as the PCs remain in the vicinity.
  330. The area ahead is littered with caltrops dumped by a previous adventuring party. Unless the PCs are taking precautions and moving slowly, each character moving through the area has a 2 in 6 chance of stepping upon them. Stepping on caltrops inflicts 1d2 points of damage and reduces movement to 50% until the damage is healed.
  331. The boney remains of several skeletons lay strewn across this area. Most of the bones are chipped and smashed, while a few appear to have been melted. Three broken vials of holy water are mixed amongst the remains.
  332. The ceiling creaks and groans as the stones shift.
  333. The ceiling in this area is cracked and burned, with portions of it melted to a glass-like state. These are the aftereffects of a lightning bolt that once ripped through this location.
  334. The chamber seems to be a nexus of sorts. Six archways pierce its walls. A narrow strip of carven runes surround each archway, perhaps providing a clue as to what once lay beyond.
  335. The cloying stench of rotting flesh fills this area, but there is no immediately identifiable source.
  336. The cloying stench of rotting vegetation fills this area; thick roots of some kind of strange plant hang from the ceiling.
  337. The corridor continues onwards through an archway in the far wall. An immense iron brazier—easily five-foot wide and ten- foot tall stands in the centre of the area. The brazier has a small door on one side. Burnt and blackened bones half fill the brazier and the ceiling above is thickly blackened by soot.
  338. The corridor doubles in width and the ceiling climbs to 15-foot high. Slender columns, carved to depict questing tentacles emerging from the floor, hold the ceiling aloft and partially obscure explorers’ vision.
  339. The corridor opens into a 30-foot long, 20-foot wide space.
  340. The corridor’s ceiling is arched and about 12-foot high above the centre of the floor. Every 20-foot or so, a three-inch diameter hole pierces alternating walls. (The holes are angled downwards at about 45 degrees, well-constructed and about one-foot deep.)
  341. The desiccated corpse of a small humanoid (kobold, goblin, halfling, etc.) is found here. The body is wrapped in tattered strands of spider silk and a grimace of agony contorts its features. The body has no treasure.
  342. The faint clank of metal on stone reaches your ears.
  343. The faint drip, drip of water echoes through this area. Just around the next corner dripping water has filled a wide hollow in the floor blocking further progress.
  344. The faint smell of burning wood and smoke reaches your nostrils, carried on a faint breeze.
  345. The faint sounds of combat—the clash of metal on metal and the screams of the dying—reaches your ears. The acoustics of the area you are in make it impossible to determine exactly where the battle is being fought.
  346. The floor is curiously free of dust, grit or detritus; it is as if it had been swept clean.
  347. The hallway/entry of this area is blocked by a barricade of crumbling furniture. Although it can be knocked down quite easily, the resulting noise of falling furnishings incurs a wandering monster check.
  348. The handprint is sized for a human or similar individual, but intriguingly is missing three fingers. “Turn back. Death awaits this way” is daubed on the wall in large chalk letters.
  349. The heavy tang of saltwater fills the air.
  350. The heavy tang of salt hangs in the air.
  351. The jingling and rattling of a chain breaks the silence.
  352. The odor of pipe smoke hangs heavily in the air here. A small pile of ashes lies on a flat surface, tapped from the pipe there by its owner. There is no sign of the mysterious smoker.
  353. The once smooth floor of this chamber has been hacked and smashed. Nine small holes, only about a half-foot deep mar the floor. Near each stands a small pile of rubble.
  354. The party‘s explorations disturb a small colony of bats (2d10 in number). The bats flitter about wildly, dive-bomb the characters, and then fly off.
  355. The party‘s light sources attract a swarm of albino cave moths. These insects batter against lanterns, fly into open flames, and crawl across the adventurers‘ bodies, but do no harm.
  356. The party‘s light sources begin to sputter, their flames turning an unusual hue (green, blue, or purple). After a few moments, they flare back to life and return to normal. This was caused by the party moving into a small pocket of tainted air or natural gas.
  357. The remains of an old campfire are found here. Amongst the ashes are charred bones that have been split open to get at the marrow. Close examination by those knowledgeable reveal the bones to be human.
  358. The remains of a cold camp are evident here. A tattered cloak—sized for a gnome or halfling—along with two empty wineskins and the stripped bones of a chicken and crusts of mouldy bread bear testimony to an explorer’s rest.
  359. The remains of a cold camp fill a side chamber.
  360. The sawed-through remains of ten iron bars (3‖ long and 1‖in diameter) protrude from the ceiling of this hallway/entry. The floor beneath them is chipped and scratched. A portcullis once stood here, but it has long been cut free and removed.
  361. The shadows cast by the party‘s light sources appear slightly askew in this area. The silhouettes cast upon the walls seem to inaccurately reflect the objects creating them, and they dance a little livelier than can be explained. This is a sign of the nixthisis‘ presence breaking down the physical order of Stonehell and, while disconcerting, it is harmless.
  362. The skeletal remains of a mule, with rotted leather saddle bags mixed amongst the bones, lies here in a heap.
  363. The smell of rotting fish is detected just before the PCs enter this area. In the location before them, the bones of a 4‘ long fish, its head still attached, lies discarded. Where this fish came from is anyone‘s guess.
  364. The sound of a cricket chirping breaks the silence of the dungeon. This noise is loud and originates from ahead of the party. It falls silent as the PCs approach. A careful search reveals a crack in the wall that contains a 1‘ long juvenile subterranean locust. It is harmless at this stage of development, but still disconcerting to those disgusted by insects.
  365. The spoils of conquest are proudly displayed upon the wall, including weapons, armour or even severed limbs.
  366. The stench of rotten eggs cloys at your throats in this airless section of dungeon.
  367. The stench of sweat and faeces hangs heavily in the air.
  368. The stonework here has been recently repaired, albeit crudely. The mortar is still drying, and the floor is littered with stone chips and a thin layer of powdered mortar mix. Kobold footprints in the powder lead away from the area.
  369. The stonework in this location is discolored. Patches of vibrant orange appear amongst the gray masonry. This color is caused by an interaction between the worked stone and a small deposit of vaedium (see p. 7) located in the rock beyond.
  370. The stone walls here are damp and encrusted with niter deposits. Numerous cracks thread throughout the stonework.
  371. The strong smell of urine fills the area and a slightly damp section of floor shows where someone—or something—recently relieved itself.
  372. The wall and its dressings have been unexplainably bleached of their colour.
  373. The wall contains 1d4 signs of combat, such as nicks or dents from a deflected weapon blow.
  374. The wall has been altered by warp wood, stone shape or a similar effect into an imperfect form.
  375. The wall has been modified to include a trap; see Table C for possible traps.
  376. The wall has been recently refurbished.
  377. The wall has been smeared with a foul‐smelling substance by a superstitious denizen.
  378. The wall has been split open by water erosion.
  379. The wall has been stained through careless behaviour.
  380. The wall has been used as a canvas by an obviously talented artist.
  381. The wall is a hotspot for germ activity and creatures that come within 5 feet might contract filth fever (DC 12 Fortitude resists).
  382. The wall is coated with 1d6 doses of medium spider venom. (Contact poison; DC 14 Fortitude).
  383. The wall is coated with a grainy substance that, if licked, tastes like the individual’s favourite meal.
  384. The wall is coated with dust from the Shadow Plane, dispelling magical light effects present within the chamber as a darkness spell would.
  385. The wall is covered in a magically engineered mushroom. If it is cut a character can extract 1d4 doses of greenblood oil poison.
  386. The wall is defaced with foul language.
  387. The wall is drenched in a slick oil, increasing the DC to climb it by 10 and causing the entire wall to burst into flames if it is dealt fire damage.
  388. The wall is leaking a green, slimy substance.
  389. The wall is littered with the notes and musings of a genius artist, writer, wizard or philosopher.
  390. The wall is missing without signs of it having been uprooted or removed.
  391. The wall is scarred and heavily cracked; treat the wall as though it had half its total number of hit points.
  392. The wall is slowly sloughing away in some places.
  393. The wall oozes a gooey, amber sap that has ensnared thousands of insects.
  394. The wall possesses a major image (DC 14 Will) that causes the viewer to see an idealized version of its ideal mate.
  395. The wall possesses a patch of space that is lighter and cleaner than the area surrounding it, suggesting an item was hung there for a time and then removed.
  396. Thick cobwebs obscure the ceiling and corners of this area. A cleared trail in the center of the strands indicates a tall creature has passed through this area.
  397. Thick layers of undisturbed dust reveal this room has not been used in quite some time despite the apperance of half-eaten food and bits of cloth.
  398. Thin inch-wide canals zigzag, only an inch deep, across the floor acting as a reservoir for some forgotten ritual or experiment.
  399. This chamber’s arched ceiling rises to a height of 20 ft. in the centre of the room, but is barely man-high where it meets the walls. The arches holding the ceiling aloft are carved to represent writhing tentacles; a few have been defaced but their upper portions remain untouched.
  400. This effect could be magic residue from a previously cast silence 15’ rad. spell or a byproduct of the nixthisis‘ presence in the dungeon.
  401. This irregularly-shaped room has an uneven floor. Several small puddles fill in the deeper depressions. Elsewhere, small pieces of rubble litter the floor.
  402. This large chamber was the scene of an ancient battle. Skeletal remains of at least a dozen humanoids lie scattered about the room where they fell. Several broken rusting spears and shattered, rotting shields lie among the fallen.
  403. This location holds two 10‘ poles lashed together (total length of 17‘). The end of one of the poles is charred and splintered as if subjected to a blast of great power.
  404. This room features a dual-height floor and ceiling. Toward one end of the room, the floor and ceiling, is five-foot higher than the rest. Shallow steps divide the room and link the two areas together.
  405. This wide chamber narrows as it approaches a ten-foot wide archway dominating the end wall. The carven stone faces of three hideous humanoids glare down from above the archway.
  406. Three 3‘x2‘ wooden trays filled with rich soil lie here. The trays are 2ft deep and are used to cultivate mushrooms. They currently hold no fungus crop.
  407. Three piles of scrap wood, smashed furniture, and dead branches are stacked here. A piece of flint lies beside them.
  408. Three sets of rusted iron shackles line the wall with two long-since dried-out skeletons lying in a pile on the floor, the skulls crushed under a heavy weight of some kind long ago.
  409. Three skulls—each missing its jaw—arranged in a line across the floor, perhaps as a warning or boundary marker, grin at you.
  410. Tiny motes of sparkling dust dance in the stiff breeze blowing through this area.
  411. Tiny writing is scribed upon the wall 5‖ above the floor. This minute script requires a successful secret doors check to discover. It is difficult to read, but keen-eyed PCs or those possessing magical augmentation can make out the words, ―It appears that this potion of diminution is permanent. I hear the rats coming for me. This is where I, Drathri Math‘s Son, make my final stand.
  412. Torch seems to have a small hole just underneath it that is emitting some heat
  413. Twin niches pierce the wall on either side of this room’s archway. Each niche is about five-foot deep and features a wide shelf about two-foot above the floor. Scuff marks and a slight worn sheen to the floor show where many people have crossed the chamber.
  414. Two corpses lay face-down in a pile of coins, their long-dried blood staining the coins and treasures they have fallen into.
  415. Two crumbled stone supports stand on either side of a rubble pile, bones peeking out from under the dirt and shattered stone.
  416. Two lines of pillars run down the sides of this chamber, holding the ceiling aloft. The domed ceiling is 30-foot high at its highest point. Two of the pillars show signs of damage; each appears to have been struck repeatedly with a heavy object.
  417. Two pairs of rusty manacles are affixed to the wall here. The cuffs bear bloodstains. The flagstones in the area are loose and askew. Fast movement through the area requires a DEX check to avoid tripping and falling. If a character wearing plate armor falls, a wandering monster check is incurred due to the clattering and clanging. At the Labyrinth Lord‘s discretion, something might be concealed beneath the loose stones.
  418. Two stone statues guard the doorway. Nails mark the wall as if a great work of art once hung here.
  419. Unnatural shade and gloom permeate this room; sometimes glimpses of shadows can be seen swimming within.
  420. Various bones of small rodents lie along the floor, as does the shed skin of a small snake.
  421. Various scrape marks of differing sizes crisscross the floor of this room, some barely scratching the stone and others carving deep.
  422. Vines choke the wall, obscuring its surface. These vines offer no protection to the dressings beneath them.
  423. Walls are made of small perfect red bricks with mortar in between; mortar feels cold to the touch
  424. Walls of this chamber are covered with gory, jagged spikes. A grate in the floor leads to a dark pit.
  425. Wall has a lever; upon close inspection the wall is a trap that falls inward on anyone pulling the lever.
  426. Water leaks into the chamber from a small opening at the top of the wall.
  427. Water oozes down one of this chamber’s walls. A mottled black and brown mould covers the wall and is slowly growing outwards across the floor. The faint scent of decay hangs in the air. Amid the mould lies a discarded warhammer; thick mould and small mushrooms cover its rotting wooden haft.
  428. Water oozes down one wall before betraying a slight gradient and flowing away down the corridor. The floor is slick and wet and tracking through the area is all but impossible. Beyond rendering the floor slippery, the sheet of water isn’t deep enough to hinder explorers’ progress.
  429. Water oozes from the base of the wall.
  430. Weapon racks adorn the walls of this room, with quite a few holding intricately worked scythes with handles of bone.
  431. What appears to be a living tree “grows” in the center of this room, no doubt kept alive by magic. Elven runes adorn the walls.
  432. When the party enters this area, have them make a Hear Noise check. A successful check reveals the sound of someone following them. The sounds of pursuit stop when the party stops and continues once they do. A Dwarf might recognize this as an unusual, but natural, echo effect caused by the surrounding stonework.
  433. Wild flowers have been dried and pressed onto the wall.
  434. Wooden chest against the far wall was opened and looted long ago; poison spikes still protrude from the shattered lock.
  435. Wooden floor feels hollow in places, as though no foundation lie beneath
  436. Wooden man-size doll stands battered in the center of the room; one arm lies on the floor cleanly cut off.
  437. Wooden table has been set to block entrance to this room; spikes are protruding through as if impaled from the rear.
  438. Your light sources suddenly burn blue for a few seconds before returning to their normal hue.
  439. You enter an area redolent with a dank, earthy smell.
  440. You hear the furtive tread of footprints from the darkness; investigation reveals nothing.
  1. Aerial creatures battling
  2. Alien/exotic creature
  3. Ancient castle, now ruins
  4. Ancient rites
  5. Ascension of a god
  6. Birth of a god
  7. Bloody battle
  8. Bright green dragon engulfing town in fire
  9. Broken mirror pieces randomly placed
  10. Constellation
  11. Death of a dragon
  12. Death of a god
  13. Death of a hero
  14. Death of a king
  15. Death of a unicorn
  16. Depicting a local noble’s heraldic crest
  17. Depicts adjacent room through doorway
  18. Details of several unsolved murders
  19. Directions to a dangerous location
  20. Downfall of a religion
  21. Family crest surrounded by surrounding lands
  22. Family tree of a noble house
  23. Family tree
  24. Geometric, textured patterns that seem to serve no purpose
  25. Great hunt for animal, humanoid, or monster
  26. Great wall depicting a scene from a battle no one has ever heard of
  27. Great wall depicting a scene from a famous battle**
  28. Group of centaurs hunting a man
  29. Hanged Man Tarot card picture
  30. Ivy-covered manor
  31. Known world map
  32. Large hound surrounded by his pack
  33. Legendary animal
  34. Legendary figure
  35. Maiden meeting a unicorn
  36. Map depicting a long, heroic journey
  37. Map of a city, current or long lost
  38. Map of surrounding lands
  39. Mighty castle
  40. Moral story or fable detailed in a number of different styles
  41. Nursery rhyme
  42. Picture of a faceless, shadowy aberration, feeding on the dead
  43. Picture of a great, ferocious beast with an indecipherable rune written underneath
  44. Religious monument
  45. Scene showing a battle between two galleons**
  46. Scene shows a great battle between two underground races**
  47. Series of Tarot card scenes
  48. Several small scenes of random death and destruction
  49. Showing a spell caster casting a spell at an unknown foe
  50. Showing the resting place of a famous/infamous weapon of legacy**
  51. Shows the death of an infamously evil creature by another evil creature**
  52. Shows the horrible details of an aberration
  53. Stained glass window
  54. Storm clouds over field
  55. Sunbathing blue dragon
  56. Sunrise over mountains
  57. Sunset behind a great bay
  58. Tall, dark god
  59. Tree of Life
  60. Young woman admiring a knight
  61. "Beware the dark water."
  62. "Beware the great minotaur."
  63. "Cannot get out!"
  64. "Don’t go on!"
  65. "Make no sound. They will seek you out."
  66. "Pullo was here"
  67. "Rhymes with numbers."
  68. "Something is following us. Beware the eyes in the dark!"
  69. "They are coming."
  70. "The entrance sealed behind us. Cannot get out."
  1. Area suddenly floods with water
  2. Blade slices out of the wall/floor/ceiling
  3. Box summons vermin swarm when opened
  4. Darts fly from the walls when flagstone is tread upon
  5. Door falls forward with great thrust to crush
  6. Door under pressure which bursts out when opened
  7. Floor drops away to reveal concealed pit with spikes/monster/other threat
  8. Floor drops away to reveal concealed pit with water/acid/other liquid
  9. Floor tilts into a sliding trap
  10. Guillotine blade slides down once threshold is breached
  11. Handle has carefully concealed razors or needles
  12. Handle is coated with a contact poison
  13. Head bas-relief spews poison or acid from open maw
  14. Hollow door filled with acid waiting to be broken down
  15. Iron bars slide down from ceiling
  16. Ladder carefully designed to break apart when climbed
  17. Lever which releases an electric jolt to victim grasping it
  18. Limb-sized hole designed to entice someone to reach inside, trapping the limp
  19. Locking mechanism relocks door once opened then closed
  20. Magical gravity reversal
  21. Magical spell shrinks target, then releases normal, hungry rats to feed
  22. Magical wall suddenly appears
  23. Magical webbing fills an area suddenly
  24. Net projected onto area
  25. Pin juts out to poke with poison tip
  26. Poison gas leak when flagstone is tread upon
  27. Portcullis drops down to hamper travel backward
  28. Powerful lodestone pulls all metals to it and holds fast
  29. Rope bridge is cunningly cut thin to break at first weight
  30. Snare trap concealed to shackle limb
  31. Spiked chains fall from ceiling to rake and capture
  32. Spikes like caltrops jut suddenly from the floor, attacking feet
  33. Statue releases lighting bolts down hallway with a thin layer of water on ground
  34. Stone block from ceiling drops straight down
  35. Sudden gust of wind with intense strength, extinguishing lights
  36. Sudden, drastic temperature change via magic, causing pain and weakness
  37. Torch is dropped from hidden panel into puddle of grease
  38. Walkway coated with slippery substance to hamper movement
  39. Walls crush in from both sides
  40. Walls slide to change the configuration of an area
Secret Doors
  1. A lever hidden in the frame of a nearby normal door operates the secret door. The secret door shuts automatically after 30 seconds.
  2. A niche in the wall acts as the door’s trigger. When a certain amount of weight is placed in the niche—the same as a nearby, ornate candlestick—the door opens. Removing the item, causes the door to close one minute later.
  3. A small bowl rests on a thin, narrow waist-high column near the wall. The bowl radiates faint necromantic magic (DC 18 Knowledge [arcana] identifies). Dripping blood into the bowl causes the nearby secret door to open.
  4. A small hole in the ceiling roughly eight inches deep holds a small switch, which can be activated by mage hand or the haft of a long weapon such as a spear. The hole is too narrow for a human hand to fit.
  5. A torch sconce on the dungeon wall holds a burnt out torch. A small basket nearby holds a supply of new torches. Replacing the burnt down torch with a fresh torch triggers the secret door by depressing a switch hidden in the bottom of the sconce.
  6. A wall carving depicts a battle between orcs and humans. The centrepiece of the carving is a heroic human standing triumphant over a slain orc chieftain. Pushing the carving of the slain orc into the wall opens the secret door. The door remains open for one minute before automatically shutting—which returns the slain orc to his proper position in the carving.
  7. Circular symbol on the floor pivots depending on how much weight is on it. Placing all the weight on one side reveals a secret passageway, while placing all the weight on the other side sets off a deadly trap.
  8. Knocking three times on a certain stone operates the door.
  9. Mouth of massive dragon head opens enough for a human to crawl through. Activated by one person staring into each eye.
  10. Niches in the wall hold small statues of various fantastical creatures—manticores, wyverns, dragons and so on. Pushing down the tail of one of the dragons opens the secret door.
  11. One of the flagstones near the secret door is loose. Prying it up reveals a lever which operates the secret door.
  12. One of the stones or bricks at the base of the wall stands slightly proud. Kicking it twice in rapid succession opens the door.
  13. One of the stones or bricks in the wall hiding the secret door is slightly concave (DC 25 Perception check spots). Pushing the stone inwards, opens the door.
  14. Piece of the wall simply vanishes to reveal a doorway. Door opens by turning a stone statue around backward to face the wall.
  15. Several offset stone blocks from the wall swing inward. Opens by pushing in a loose brick several feet away.
  16. Standing on a sequence on flagstones in a specific order opens the door. A handle on the inside of the door enables it to be pulled shut.
  17. Sunburst design on the floor descends to a staircase. Opens by crushing a gem in the mouth of golden ram statuette in the same room.
  18. Three identical carvings—perhaps dragons, blazing suns or other thematically fitting object—decorate the wall. Pushing in the carvings in the following order—left, right, centre—opens (or closes) a nearby secret door.
  19. To operate this secret door, two stones set in the wall at roughly waist height for a human must be pushed inwards simultaneously.
  20. Turning a nearby statue of a beautiful elf maid clockwise causes the secret door to open Turning it back, shuts the door.
  21. Two slightly raised stones set into the floor roughly three feet apart must be pushed down at the same time to activate the secret door.
  22. When removing the door knob from left side of the door and attaching it to the right, it opens to reveal a portal.
  23. Whistling a certain tune opens the secret door. Whistling it backwards shuts the door.
  24. Wooden floor carefully conceals a hidden entryway. Door opens by lifting where the knothole is.
  25. False bottom of a sarcophagus. Can only be opened when the lid is closed. People need to crawl inside
  26. Pool of water. People need to swim in an underwater tunnel to go further
  27. A sword must be inserted in two holes on each side of a door to open it
  28. Opening the door will close another. There is no way to have both open at the same time
  1. Donne lui à manger et il vivra, donne lui à boire et il mourra (Du feu)
  2. Il a marié de nombreuses femmes, mais n'a jamais été marié lui-même (Un prêtre)
  3. J'ai des trous en haut, en bas, à gauche, à droite et au milieu. Pourtant je suis plein d'eau. (Une éponge)
  4. Je suis allé dans les bois et l'ai attrapé. Je me suis assis pour la chercher. Je l'ai ramenée chez moi car je ne l'ai pas trouvée (Une écharde)
  5. Si vous l'avez, vous voulez le partager. Si vous le partagez, vous ne l'avez plus (Un secret)
  6. Il n'a ni couvercle ni fond, pourtant il peut contenir des os, du sang et de la peau en même temps (Une bague)
  7. Je ne pèse rien mais vous pouvez me voir. Pourtant, si vous me mettez dans un tonneau, le tonneau pèse moins lourd (Un trou)
  8. Je suis léger comme une plume, pourtant même l'homme le plus fort du monde ne peut me retenir trop longtemps. (Son souffle)
  9. Jette l'extérieur, fait cuire l'intérieur, mange l'exterieur, jette l'intérieur (Du maïs)
  10. Enlève moi la peau, et pourtant c'est toi qui pleure (Un oignon)
  11. Plus vous en faites, plus vous en laissez derrière vous (Des traces de pas)
  12. Qu'est-ce qui est à vous, mais que les autres utilisent plus que vous (Votre nom)
  13. Qu'est-ce qui replit une pièce, mais pourtant ne prends pas de place (La lumière)
  14. Qu'est-ce que vous pouvez remplir avec les mains vides ? (Des gants)
  15. On me jette quand on a besoin de moi, mais on me reprends quand on n'a plus besoin de moi (L'ancre)
  16. Qu'est-ce qui monte sans jamais descendre (L'age)
  17. Quelle est la question à laquelle vous ne pouvez jamais répondre 'Oui'? ('Tu dors ?')
  18. Quand on ne me connait pas, j'existe. Si on me connait, je n'existe plus (Un énigme)
  19. Ce n'est qu'une fois qu'on m'a donné qu'on peut me tenir (La parole)
  1. Chaque chose est faite de trois moitiés
  2. Chaque coté d'une pièce pense être la face
  3. Donne ta parole, mais tiens ta langue
  4. Enterre tes rancunes comme tu enterre tes ennemis
  5. Face à un choix impossible, laisse le futur décider
  6. Forge ta vengeance dans le plus glacial des volcans
  7. La jeunesse est une fierté sans vertu
  8. La patience est le luxe des morts
  9. La réalité est trop évidente pour être vraie
  10. Les gains et les récompenses sont des mesures vides
  11. Les mensonges d'hier sont ramenés par la marée d'aujourd'hui
  12. Les énigmes se cachent dans leurs propres ombres
  13. Le changement n'est rien qu'un jeu sans gagnant ni perdant
  14. Le gobelet de bronze vide pèse plus que le verre d'eau plein
  15. Le gris et le blanc permettent de voir les ombres
  16. Maintenant n'est ni du passé, ni du futur
  17. Ne cherche pas ce qui n'a pas encore été perdu
  18. Ne cherche pas ta destination avant d'avoir trouvé ton chemin
  19. Ne crois pas ce que tes yeux ne te disent pas
  20. Ne pose pas des questions comme tu pose des briques
  21. Ne reste pas planté au milieu de ton propre chemin
  22. On ne peut pas donner la moitié de sa parole
  23. Pardonne à l'aveugle qui cherche à entendre
  24. Parfois, la paix encourage la violence
  25. Parfois, la violence encourage la paix
  26. Plus une vérité semble simple, plus elle est difficile à formuler.
  27. Seul le sage connait l'étendue de son ignorance
  28. Si tu te prives de tout, rien ne te manquera
  29. Sous les cieux, les rois sont des pions
  30. Un secret caché sur la place publique n'en reste pas moins un secret
Monster reactions
  1. Arguing loudly with another monster
  2. Building its nest / Setting up camp
  3. Counting its coins
  4. Crafting an object, tool, weapon or art creation
  5. Crawling on the floor toward the group
  6. Digging a hole
  7. Drawing on the walls
  8. Drinking alcohol
  9. Eating something
  10. Eating something else
  11. Fighting against themselves
  12. Fighting another monster
  13. Fleeing something
  14. Forcing a door
  15. Gathering food or water
  16. Hiding in shadow
  17. Hiding, ready for ambush
  18. Interrogating a captive
  19. Keeping guard
  20. Looking for lost compagnons
  21. Looking for treasure
  22. Lost, wandering
  23. Lying still like dead body
  24. Moving around with no purpose until attacked
  25. Moving toward the group
  26. Patrolling, coming your way
  27. Patrolling, going away
  28. Playing
  29. Praying to dark gods
  30. Pursuing something
  31. Recent tracks on the floor
  32. Repairing a trap
  33. Searching for mates
  34. Seeking a safe place to hide
  35. Singing / Calling for help
  36. Sleeping
  37. Trapped
  38. Wounded and bleeding
PC Bounds
  1. Is a sibling of…
  2. Was saved by…
  3. Served with…
  4. Protected by…
  5. Adventured with…
  6. Is a friendly rival of…
  7. Childhood friend of…
  8. Is magically bound to…
  9. Survived with…
  10. Escaped with…
  11. Apprentice of…
  12. Acolyte of…
  13. Idolizes…
  14. Drinking buddies with…
  15. Business associate with…
  16. Lost a bet to…
  17. Is indebted to…
  18. Was trained by…
  19. Dueling partner of…
  20. On the run with…
NPC description
  1. Allure militaire
  2. Beaucoup de bijoux
  3. Beaucoup de cheveux
  4. Boite
  5. Cheveux argentés
  6. Cheveux en longue natte
  7. Cicatrice sur la bouche
  8. Cicatrice visible
  9. Condescendant
  10. Crane parfaitement rasé
  11. Crocs
  12. Longs doigts fins
  13. Machoire carrée
  14. Machoire en fer
  15. Main brulée
  16. Mal rasé
  17. Manque 1-2 doigts
  18. Manque des dents
  19. Manque ses deux petits doigts
  20. Manque une oreille
  21. Manque un œil
  22. Mince et fragile
  23. Musclé
  24. Nez bulbeux
  25. Nez cassé
  26. Ne mange pas de viande
  27. Oeil de verre
  28. Pendentif en forme de crane
  29. Petit tatouage criminel sur le bras
  30. Piercing sur le visage
  31. Sourcils froncés et touffus
  32. Sue à grosse gouttes
  33. Superstitieux
  34. Tatouages sur le visage/torse
  35. Tatouages sur tout le corps
  36. Tatouage sous ses cheveux
  37. Traits féminins/masculins
  38. Très grand
  39. Très petit
  40. Très poilu
  41. Un bras en fer
  42. Vetements exotiques
  43. Yeux de deux couleurs differentes
  44. Yeux endormis
  45. Yeux gris profonds
  46. Yeux vifs
NPC mannerisms
  1. Acquiesce quand les autres parlent
  2. Affamé
  3. Assoiffé
  4. Bégaie
  5. Chats autour de lui
  6. Cheveux sur la langue
  7. Chique
  8. Chuchote
  9. Confonds les mots
  10. Crache par terre
  11. Enjolive toujours la réalité
  12. Entends mal
  13. Explique tout deux fois
  14. Flirte
  15. Fredonne
  16. Fume le cigare
  17. Hache ses mots
  18. Haleine d'alcool, rots
  19. Joue avec ses bagues
  20. Joue avec ses cheveux
  21. Joue avec son familier
  22. Joue avec une pièce de monnaie
  23. Mains sous les aisselles
  24. Mange toujours en parlant
  25. Ment comme il respire
  26. Ne finit jamais ses phrases
  27. Ne regarde jamais dans les yeux
  28. Ne sait pas lire/écrire
  29. Oiseau sur l'épaule
  30. Optimiste
  31. Paranoiaque
  32. Parle avec ses mains
  33. Parle comme si shooté
  34. Parle fort
  35. Parle lentement
  36. Parle le moins possible
  37. Parle moins fort à la fin des phrases
  38. Passe la main dans sa barbe
  39. Penche la tête quand il écoute
  40. Pessimiste
  41. Pose plein de questions
  42. Préfère l'action aux paroles
  43. Regarde le sol
  44. Regarde toujours dans les yeux
  45. Remets ses lunettes
  46. Remets son armure en place
  47. Renifle avant de parler
  48. Renifle constamment
  49. Repéte certains mots
  50. Rigole au mauvais moment
  51. Sarcastique
  52. Se cure les dents
  53. Se cure le nez
  54. Se gratte quand mal à l'aise
  55. Se lisse la moustache
  56. Se mords la lèvre
  57. Se mord la lèvre en écoutant
  58. Se mouche bruyamment
  59. Se penche en avant
  60. Sue à grosse gouttes
  61. S'excuse tout le temps
  62. Tapote la table
  63. Toujours d'accord
  64. Toujours en train de dessiner
  65. Toujours la main sur son épée
  66. Trop poli
  67. Use Prestidigitation tout le temps
  68. Use beaucoup 'Moi, je'
  69. Use beaucoup 'On parie?'
  70. Use beaucoup 'Tu vois?'
  71. Use (mal) des mots compliqués
  72. Voix cassée
  73. Voix très grave
  74. Vérifie que ses armes soient là
  75. Zozote
  76. 'Bhaa...'
  77. 'En fait...'
  78. 'J'avoue'
  79. 'Ma chérie'
  80. '..., chef'
  81. À moitié endormi
Money (Low)
  1. 1 pp
  2. 3 po
  3. 5 po
  4. 7 pe
  5. 8 pe
  6. 8 po
  7. 8 po
  8. 8 po
  9. 9 po
  10. 9 po
  11. 9 po
  12. 10 pa
  13. 11 pa
  14. 11 pa
  15. 11 po
  16. 11 po
  17. 11 po
  18. 12 po
  19. 12 po
  20. 12 po
  21. 13 pa
  22. 13 pa
  23. 13 pc
  24. 13 po
  25. 14 pa
  26. 14 pa
  27. 14 pc
  28. 14 pc
  29. 15 pc
  30. 16 pc
  31. 16 pc
  32. 16 pe
  33. 16 po
  34. 16 po
  35. 17 pa
  36. 17 pa
  37. 17 pc
  38. 17 pc
  39. 17 pc
  40. 19 pa
  41. 19 pc
  42. 19 pc
  43. 19 pc
  44. 20 pa
  45. 20 pc
  46. 21 pc
  47. 22 pc
  48. 23 pc
  49. 24 pc
  50. 25 pc
Loot (Low)
  1. Des clous rouillés plantés dans une pomme de terre
  2. Des morceaux de craie dans un mouchoir replié
  3. Des morceaux de viandes enfilés sur un bout de bois
  4. Des têtes de flèche en fer
  5. La moitié d'une paire de ciseaux, la lame est rouillé
  6. La tête d'une poupée. Son œil droit est remplacé par un clou
  7. La visière d'un casque
  8. Le coeur d'un ananas, marqué de traces de dents
  9. Le manche d'une dague
  10. Le manche d'une poele à frire
  11. Le mécanisme d'une arbalète, intact
  12. Trois pièces d'or de trois royaumes différents fondus ensemble
  13. Une bague avec un bout de verre poli en guise de pierre
  14. Une boite en fer, contenant une barre de fer oxydée
  15. Une boite à bijoux contenant un œil humain asseché
  16. Une boucle de ceinture représentant une tête de boeuf
  17. Une bougies à moitié mangée
  18. Une boule de fils de toutes les couleurs
  19. Une bourse contenant un mélange de queues de rats et de lacets
  20. Une bourse en cuir remplie de billes
  21. Une brique rouge, avec des traces de peinture blanche
  22. Une chaussure gauche pleine de trace de dents
  23. Une chaussure gauche remplie de terre dans laquelle pousse une pomme de terre
  24. Une clé en fer, usée et aux dents rapées
  25. Une collection de carapaces de scarabées évidées
  26. Une collection de pointes de flèches rouillées, numérotées
  27. Une corde avec une pierre attachée au bout
  28. Une cuillère plaquée or
  29. Une demie-grenouille recouverte de moutarde
  30. Une demi-orange assechée
  31. Une dent de crocodile, avec un morceau de machoir encore accrochée
  32. Une dent en or, avec encore quelques traces de tartre dessus
  33. Une figurine en ceramique, repainte en couleurs criardes
  34. Une flasque en métale, percée
  35. Une fourchette aux dents cassées
  36. Une framboise fossilisée dans du sirop
  37. Une gourde faite de la peau d'une chèvre
  38. Une grappe de raisins secs
  39. Une jarre d'oreilles d'elfes mélangées à des cornichous
  40. Une jarre remplie d'oiseaux morts
  41. Une livre contenant des insectes écrasés dans ses pages
  42. Une main en pierre, sans doute prise d'une statue
  43. Une montre à gousset dont les pièces sont détachées à l'intérieur
  44. Une médaille militaire noircie et griffée
  45. Une oreille humaine servant à accrocher 6 boucles d'oreille et des clous
  46. Une paire de lunettes avec un verre cassé
  47. Une peinture d'une jeune femme
  48. Une petite potion contenant un œil elfe
  49. Une pierre très lisse, qui est en fait un navet
  50. Une pièce de cuivre fondue
  51. Une pièce d'or de Qadira
  52. Une plume grise plantée dans une prune moisie
  53. Une poignée de porte en bois
  54. Une pomme de terre dont les racines ont été attachées ensemble
  55. Une pomme en partie mangée et ses 4 vers
  56. Une poupée verte, ressemblant à un gobelin
  57. Une pâte rougeatre dans un mouchoir plié
  58. Une sac contenant des pattes d'araignées recouvertes de sucre
  59. Une tarte avec des bouts de plumes, becs et serres d'oiseau
  60. Une torche trempée
  61. Un anneau de groin de cochon, avec un peu du groin encore accroché
  62. Un anneau en bronze, qui devait être serti de pierres précieuses
  63. Un bandage ensanglanté contenant un scalpel et un doigt
  64. Un bouton de manchette gravé en métal
  65. Un bout de cheveux roux
  66. Un bout de tissu bleu, avec des traces de sang rouge
  67. Un bracelet fait de nageoires de poissons
  68. Un bracelet fait de serres d'oiseaux
  69. Un collier de chien au nom de Cogneur
  70. Un compas qui ne pointe plus vers le nord
  71. Un cornichon à moitié mangé au bout d'un bout de ficelle
  72. Un demi champignon, enroulé dans des feuilles moisies
  73. Un demi fer à cheval
  74. Un demi parchemin de boule de feu, inutilisable
  75. Un doigt humain, la peau est blanche là où il y avait un anneau
  76. Un embout de lance ouvragé, à peine rouillé
  77. Un encrier avec encore un peu d'encre
  78. Un ensemble d'outils de crochetage ensanglantés et écrasés
  79. Un fil de cuivre enroulé autour d'une branche de bouleau
  80. Un fourreau brisé et rouillé
  81. Un galet gris et plat, parfait pour des ricochets
  82. Un gros cafard, encore vivant, s'agitant au bout d'un baton
  83. Un hameçon accroché à un doigt de pied humain
  84. Un harmonica qui ne peut produire que 3 notes
  85. Un heurtoir de porte en mauvais état
  86. Un jouet pour chat en forme de souris empaillée
  87. Un lacet mordillé aux deux bouts
  88. Un monocle dont le verre est extremement rayé
  89. Un morceau carré de maille, rouillé et incrusté d'algues
  90. Un morceau de chaine rouillée
  91. Un morceau de cuir, provenant du coude d'une veste
  92. Un morceau de fromage recouvert de moisissure verte
  93. Un morceau de marbre aux veines roses, dorées et noires
  94. Un morceau de pain dur, percé de traces de dent
  95. Un morceau de papier contenant la recette de la tarte au pommes
  96. Un morceau de papier contenant une lettre de créance
  97. Un morceau de savon, sculpté pour ressembler à un doigt
  98. Un morceau de tissu avec des boutons cousus du plus petit au plus grand
  99. Un morceau de verre coloré, sans doute venant d'un vitrail
  100. Un morceau de verre qui laisse passer la lumière pour faire un arc-en-ciel
  101. Un morceau de viand recouvert d'une couche gluante
  102. Un morceau d'os de vache, avec un peu de viande encore accroché
  103. Un mouchoir tâché de rouge et vert
  104. Un petit couteau, dont le bout est brisé
  105. Un petit sac avec des traces de poudre blanche dedans
  106. Un plume grise, sans doute d'un pigeon
  107. Un poivrier en forme de chat, encore rempli de poivre
  108. Un poème enroulé autour d'un squelette de poisson
  109. Un sac contenant des têtes d'oiseaux sans bec
  110. Un sac contenant un potage congelé, en train de fondre
  111. Un sac de haricots séchés, et de quelques morceaux de viande
  112. Un scorpion sans queue empalé sur un bout de fer
  113. Un serpent mort et sec, enroulé autour d'une branche
  114. Un shuriken avec un insecte différent à chaque pique
  115. Un symbole de Sarenrae dont les ailes ont été brisée
  116. Un vieux telescope remplie de crottes de lapin
Money (Medium)
  1. 1,000 pc, 10 pe
  2. 1,000 pc, 50 pe
  3. 1,200 pc, 10 pe
  4. 1,200 pc, 50 pe
  5. 1,400 pc, 10 pe
  6. 1,400 pc, 10 pe
  7. 1,500 pc, 50 pe
  8. 1,700 pc, 20 pe
  9. 1,800 pc, 10 pe
  10. 1,800 pc, 30 pe
  11. 2,100 pc, 10 pe
  12. 50 po, 7 pp
  13. 70 po
  14. 80 po, 4 pp
  15. 90 pe, 90 po
  16. 90 po, 12 pp
  17. 100 pe, 50 po
  18. 100 po
  19. 110 pe, 50 po
  20. 110 po
  21. 110 po
  22. 120 po, 6 pp
  23. 120 po, 12 pp
  24. 140 po
  25. 140 po
  26. 150 pe, 90 po
  27. 150 po
  28. 160 pa, 70 po
  29. 160 po
  30. 170 po
  31. 190 pa, 100 po
  32. 190 po
  33. 200 pa, 50 po
  34. 200 pa, 50 po
  35. 200 pa, 80 po
  36. 210 pa, 40 po
  37. 210 pa, 50 po
  38. 210 pa, 60 po
  39. 210 pa, 80 po
  40. 220 pa, 60 po
  41. 230 pa, 20 po
  42. 230 pa, 80 po
  43. 230 pa, 80 po
  44. 260 pa, 60 po
  45. 260 pa, 100 po
  46. 270 pa, 40 po
  47. 270 pa, 80 po
  48. 300 pa, 40 po
  49. 310 pa, 70 po
  50. 320 pa, 70 po
Loot (Medium)
  1. 1d12 silver spoons of assorted quality and size (1d6gp each). Stolen from various reputable houses whose crests are engraved into the handles.
  2. 6 écailles de dragon vert empilées
  3. An embroidered purple velvet bag with violet drawstring (worth 1gp). Inside are 1d20 dead beetles, commonly believed to be an aphrodisiac, in actuality a mild ingested poison (consuming more than one beetle forces a save or take 1 Strength damage, feel fever-warm for 30 minutes per beetle).
  4. A gold-plated human-sized ceremonial pauldron (plate mail shoulder-piece) etched with reclining nudes. Three thumb-width gold chains form an epaulet. Useless armour, excellent gaudy bling.
  5. A jangling bracelet of tiny golden bells and fine-toothed cogs on crimson silk rope (25gp), suited to a small wrist interested in intricate mechanisms.
  6. A scabbard of black ash and bronze decorated with a sneering bearded face with tourmaline eyes. Suitable for longsword or similar straight blade. Of sufficient quality to be enchanted.
  7. Bandolier of black dragonhide trimmed in leopard fur and dragon buckle in gold with red gem eyes (1200gp) - The buckle is worth 520gp and weighs 2lbs. The eyes are garnets (100gp each). The bandolier has 8 (empty) pouches.
  8. Blue glass finger-bottle filled with dark fluid (11gp as is, 1gp empty). 10 doses of floral scent that stains red any skin it touches for 3d6 hours. The scent vanishes in 2d6 +1 hour per dose used.
  9. Brass pocket tin painted with dragons. Inside lurks 3 twists of resinous pipeweed. Each twist causes the smoker to be passive (-4 to Will and to hit rolls) yet relaxed and reasonable (+2 to Charisma for reaction rolls) for the next 2 hours.
  10. Charm bracelet of silver chain with five shield-shaped charms (20gp). The shields have various religious icons for luck. Has dried blood on it so the previous owner wasn't that lucky.
  11. Cinq statues (chat, chouette, faucon, cheval et griffon) en ébène
  12. Coat of silver fox with snow leopard trim and four blue-white ovoid gem buttons (1100gp) - Suitable for a tall human, fit for nobility. Gems are cabochon-cut moonstones (50gp each) on silver wire settings (6gp each).
  13. Cream-coloured meerschaum pipe with bowl carved as a reclining dragon's head. Smoke billows from the dragon's mouth. This delightful pipe gives a +2 reaction bonus with pipe-smokers.
  14. Dagger of mithral with carved jade hilt and white pearl pommel (1000gp) - Weighs 1lb. Hilt is worth 275gp, pommel is worth 100gp. Counts as a silver weapon.
  15. Dagger with copper wire wound around hilt and cabochon malachite pommel (15gp). The sort of thing that plays well in rural courts, missing it's scabbard.
  16. Des chaussons en soie brodés de perles
  17. Deux briques de Lotus Noir comprimé
  18. Embroidered indigo silk robe with cloth-of-gold panels, blue gem-beaded sleeves and mink trim (1000gp) - Weighs 20lbs. Beads are lapis lazuli (5gp each) and there are 50 on each sleeve. Suitable for a large human female, fit for nobility.
  19. Engraved light steel shield with spikes (20gp). Ornamental vine decorations around spikes, if used to bash a foe, it does 1d4 + Strength damage.
  20. Fingerbone skeleton key with jet inlaid handle. The key opens any non-magical lock on 1 in 6 (d6). If used by a thief to pick locks it adds +2 to the attempt. Magical, puzzle or combination locks foil it.
  21. Five identical ebony statuettes of horned men with carnelian eyes (1000gp) - Each is worth 200gp and weighs 5lbs, their eyes are 50gp each and ruin the statuettes if removed.
  22. Foot-high statuette of bronze man with mouth open (15gp). This statuette is hollow and if part-filled with water emits a musical humming if placed near heat sources equal to a brazier or campfire.
  23. Foppish men's wig in periwinkle blue, needs repair (42gp). Worth 50gp if repaired.
  24. Gold statuette of a reclining succubus (1000gp) - Weighs 40lbs.
  25. Green silk parasol with embroidered silver flowers (60gp). Perfect for shading from strong sunlight, needs one hand to shade a man-sized or smaller creature.
  26. Head-dress made of a snarling winter wolf's head (1000gp) - Weighs 3lbs. Bound to annoy any winter wolves or other wolf-friendly types.
  27. Helm with full-face visor of mirrored steel (50gp). Has a 20% chance of reflecting certain gaze attacks back at the creature. Needs polishing for 10 minutes when it is worn or loses it's effectiveness.
  28. Ingot of gold (1lb) without mark of provenance (50gp). Useful dealing with unscrupulous groups.
  29. Iron astrolabe (1000gp) - Etched with longitude, latitude and astrological markers. Can be used to determine date and time at night under an open, clear sky in 1 minute. Gives a +2 bonus to checks to avoid getting lost. Weighs 6lbs.
  30. Ivory bracer used for archery, can be adjusted to fit any medium-sized character. This well-worn accoutrement has a runic inscription which is 30% legible. Those who can make it out will read 'Sure hands and swift arrows'.
  31. Jacket made of seal fur (120gp) - Will keep wearer warm and dry in wet weather. Selkies will not be your friend and may wish to do something about this fashion choice.
  32. Jet necklace on a fine gold chain (1000gp) - Weighs 3lbs.
  33. Journal and letters of local noble (50gp). Example letters of introduction and commission will if consulted for 1d4 hours beforehand grant a +2 to reaction rolls when dealing with a noble's court, lawful bureaucrat or city official.
  34. Keg holding 10 gallons of sweet dessert wine (1000gp) - Weighs 80lbs.
  35. Kite made of purple linen with embroidered silver eagle (55gp). A toy fit for a noble-born child, weighs 2lbs.
  36. Knotted rope made from giant spider silk (100gp) - This 40' rope (50' unknotted) is three times as strong as normal rope and gives a -4 penalty (-20%) to escape or breaking attempts. Weighs 4lb.
  37. Laboratory reagents and supplies (900gp) - Suitable for use in an arcane laboratory needed to cast certain spells or create certain monsters. Weighs 30lbs.
  38. La tête d'une hache extremement bien ouvragée
  39. Leather bound small box containing common remedies against poison (100gp) - This gives a +3 bonus on checks to treat poisoning or a new saving throw at +3 against an afflicted victim who isn't already dead yet. Weighs 3lbs and has 1d6+4 uses.
  40. Lynx-trimmed goldenrod vest decorated with floral embroidery (42gp). Suitable for a slim human, half-elf or burly elf.
  41. Map case of engraved ivory containing a smudged map (46gp, 40gp empty). The map (DM's discretion for location) is water damaged (60% legible) but still accurate.
  42. Maroon silk vest with six obsidian buttons (110gp) - The buttons are polished to a mirror-shine (worth 10gp each) and this item is sized for a large human.
  43. Mirror of polished silver (800gp) - 4 feet by 18 inches. Weighs 24lbs.
  44. Necklace with heart pendant containing dose of rare perfume (40gp, 30gp empty). Pewter necklace and pendant with secret compartment containing perfume suited to court.
  45. Neck guard of steel-backed black sharkskin with silver spikes (80gp) - Wearer gets +1 AC bonus against neck attacks (e.g. vampire bites, decapitating attacks). Anyone biting or grappling the wearer's neck takes 1d4 damage. Suited to a human or dwarf wearer.
  46. Noblewoman's caul (hairnet) of slender silver chains (10gp). This delicate array is best suited to those of dark hair.
  47. Ochre leather bracers decorated with silver studs (10gp). These are detachable cuffs used by hirelings in temporary service to nobles whose coat-of-arms includes red and silver or white.
  48. Orcish battle standard of skulls and eye surrounded by iron spikes (50gp). Six-foot long staff topped with skulls and spiked eye emblem grants a +2 bonus to any attempts to intimidate a man-sized or smaller foe or a +1 morale bonus to any allied orcs or half-orcs.
  49. Ornate brass signet ring in coiled serpent design with two freshwater pearls for eyes (90gp) - This ring has a poison pill compartment (empty alas) needing a pick pockets/sleight-of-hand check to use unseen. Finding the compartment is as easy as finding a secret door. The seal is of a reputable house of artisans. If the eyes are removed, each is worth 10gp.
  50. Painted riding saddle decorated with white roses (24gp). This saddle of black leather is suited to a minor noble or lady-in-waiting.
  51. Paired silvered hand axes balanced for throwing and etched with dwarven blade runes (50gp for pair, 22gp each). Not magical but may prove effective against certain creatures.
  52. Pennant of crimson silk with white starburst edged with freshwater pearls (100gp) - There are twenty-four poor-quality freshwater pearls, each worth 1d3gp. Removing these will ruin the pennant.
  53. Plusieurs dizaines de caisses de 6 bouteilles de vin rouge
  54. Quartz chess set (blue quartz and nacre) (20gp). Each chess piece is worth 5sp and the board of lacquered wood is worth 4gp. A threadbare cloth pouch stores the pieces.
  55. Quartz-studded cloth-of-silver dancing girl's outfit (100gp) - Suitable for a human or half-elf with thirty-two pieces of poor-quality rock crystal , each worth 2gp. Removing these will ruin the outfit.
  56. Quatre paires de chaussures en fourrure
  57. Quiver with 20 bronze whistling arrows (41gp, arrows 2gp each). The arrowheads keen when fired. Audible within 400' feet of the arrow's flight path and may increase wandering monster checks accordingly. If fired at a target, they break on a natural 1 or natural 20.
  58. Red-stained leather-bound chapbook (10gp) with information on local brothels and gambling dens in a large city. If consulted for an hour, it gives a +2 bonus to reaction rolls in dealings with these establishments or employees.
  59. Religious text bound in supple pale leather covers (100gp) - When consulted for 1d4 hours, character gains a +1 to their next saving throw vs. death having commended their soul to a higher power for the next 24 hours DM is encouraged to include one or more clues about mysterious holy sites that may involve a dungeon.
  60. Seize épées en acier vierges
  61. Silvered short sword with bloodstone set in cross-piece (90gp) - Flanges on the cross-piece means the bloodstone (50gp gem) can be removed or replaced with a gem of similar size (DM's fiat).
  62. Silver snuff box decorated with raised lion emblem. If opened it holds 5 gold pieces and no snuff.
  63. Six bébés ours dans une cage en fer
  64. Six perruques à base de vrais cheveux de bonne qualité
  65. Six énormes bougies rituelles blanches
  66. Tiara of silver filigree with five tiger's eyes set on tines to resemble eyestalks (100gp) - Odd non-magical jewelry commissioned by odd magical people.
  67. Une armure de bronze complète ayant appartenu à l'ancienne armée du Taldor
  68. Une armure d'écaille faite de pièces de cuivre
  69. Une boite remplie de fioles de colorants, pour teinturier
  70. Une bourse en cuir contenant 500g d'un puissant aphrodisiaque non-raffiné
  71. Une brouette remplie de boutons en ivoire, os, bois, verre, argent et or
  72. Une caisse de 25 bouliers en bois peints
  73. Une caisse d'affaires de bottier (marteaux, semelles, clous, etc)
  74. Une cape en plumes de griffon sur de la soie noire
  75. Une centaine de disques en porcelaine, chacun contenant une po en son centre
  76. Une cinquantaine d'ardoises avec un lot de 200 craies
  77. Une coffre en métal contenant des outils de maçons en bon état mais usés
  78. Une corne en or de 30cm
  79. Une corne évidée contenant de la poudre d'electrum
  80. Une dague avec un compartiment dans le manche contenant 10po
  81. Une douzaine de cones d'encens, enveloppés individuellement
  82. Une douzaine de dagues de qualité enroulées dans un tapis
  83. Une fine bouteille d'un parfum rare
  84. Une flute sculpté dans le fémur d'un troll
  85. Une gros livre à la reliure en cuir écrit en Draconique
  86. Une horloge à eau finement sculptée
  87. Une large bouteille ronde remplie d'huile d'olive
  88. Une lettre de propriété pour 12 esclaves auprès de Zolage
  89. Une longue boite en bois contenant des feuilles de tabac
  90. Une longue pipe, sculpté dans le nez d'un animal marin
  91. Une mandoline incrustée d'electrum et d'argent
  92. Une mini-baliste en pièce détachées, méticuleusement rangée dans un coffre
  93. Une paire d'échasses sculptées
  94. Une partition de musique originale signée par Wyrldeber, le grand compositeur
  95. Une peinture enroulée sur elle-même, signée
  96. Une pioche de mineur ouvragée en Mithril
  97. Une pièce de platine marquée d'un visage de démo
  98. Une plaque en bronze oxydée indiquant une ancienne recette oubliée
  99. Une rapière et son fourreau, finement ouvragés en argent
  100. Une roue de fromage
  101. Une sacoche en cuir contenant des aiguilles de tatoueur et de l'encre
  102. Une soupière sculptée dans un crâne d'ogre, avec poignées en or
  103. Une statue en basalt d'un guerrier en armure
  104. Une tente royale pour 12 personnes
  105. Une toge Shoanti, richement décorée de plumes
  106. Une tête de wyverne empaillée
  107. Une écharpe en fourrure
  108. Unholy symbol in solid gold (100gp) - Exquisite craftsmanship makes this very valuable despite only weighing 1lb. If melted down, worth 50gp by weight. If purified or destroyed by a good cleric, paladin or similar worthy, this act is worth 100xp.
  109. Un acte de priopriété d'un terrain au Nord de la Varisie
  110. Un aimant en forme de cone attaché à une chaine en or
  111. Un alambic en bon état, mais avec une substance collée au fond
  112. Un ancien étendard de l'armée du Cheliax
  113. Un block de plusieurs kilos de sel
  114. Un bouclier décoratif fait dans la carapace d'une tortue
  115. Un caparaçon en peau de bulette
  116. Un coffret gravé du symbole de Pharasma, contenant des os humains
  117. Un coffre bardé de metal, contenant 12 barres en argent
  118. Un coffre contenant, sur un coussin matelassé, un pendentif de Qadira
  119. Un coffre d'outils de charpentier de très bonne qualité
  120. Un coffre en bois bardé de métal avec une serrure complexe, mais vide
  121. Un coffre rempli de petits sacs d'épices rares
  122. Un coffre à roulette contenant un ensemble de marionettes de bonne qualité
  123. Un costume de Gobelours
  124. Un cougar empaillé
  125. Un ensemble de coussins en soie rouge bordeaux
  126. Un gant en porcelaine finement ouvragé
  127. Un jeu d'échec dont les pièces semblent être des pixies pétrifiées
  128. Un large plateau en argent avec des dorures
  129. Un large tapis brodé représentant Magnimar
  130. Un livre de compte de Varisie indiquant une arnaque de plusieurs milliers de po
  131. Un livre d'histoires sexuelles illustré
  132. Un loup empaillé, avec les yeux remplacés par des pièces d'or
  133. Un matériel de faussaire pour faire ses propres pièces d'or
  134. Un modèle réduit très détaillé d'un bateau de l'armée du Cheliax
  135. Un orbe en or cabossé
  136. Un oreiller brodé fourré de plumes de canard
  137. Un pantalon de soie bouffant bleu, avec des flamants brodés avec des perles
  138. Un peigne en arrete de baleine
  139. Un petit sac d'épices
  140. Un pichet en verre, orné de dorures
  141. Un poulet grandeur nature sculpté en ivoire
  142. Un rouleau de soie turquoise
  143. Un sac contenant 32 souris en ivoire sculptées
  144. Un sac de bulbes de fleur exotiques
  145. Un sac en jutte contenant plusieurs jarres remplies d'herbes médicinales
  146. Un sac en soie noire contenant 13 bougies noires
  147. Un sac rempli de 58 billes d'argile. Chaque bille contient une gem en son centre
  148. Un sac rempli de rare fourrures
  149. Un seau en bois rempli d'une centaine de cuillères différentes
  150. Un service de couverts finement taillés
  151. Un service à soupe pour 12 personnes
  152. Un tapis brodé de motifs géométriques légèrement hypnotisants
  153. Un tapis fait de la peau d'un ours blanc
  154. Un tonneau de whisky ancien
  155. Un tonneau rempli de clous
  156. Un totem en bois sculpté d'animaux
  157. Un très gros et lourd mortier et pillon en pierre, gravé de signes alchimiques
  158. Un tube contenant 38 chapeau pointus empilés
  159. Un tube d'ambre avec un scarabé encastré dedans
  160. Un tube en metal contenant les plans de machines de Numéria
  161. Un visage sculpté en pierre dans une position d'horreur, très expressif
  162. Velvet pouch (worth 1gp) holding irregular one-inch pieces of carved cedar wood - the pieces of a puzzle box. Assembly takes a minute and a successful Intelligence check. The box has a sliding lid and is 6 inch by 2 inch by 1 inch. It holds up to 120 stacked coins or a scribe's quills and vial of ink.
  163. Well-worn ivory drinking horn etched with indigo leaf patterns and silver cap attached by slim yet robust chain.
  1. Adventurer in Stasis (Doppelganger)
  2. Bag of Devouring
  3. Barrow Ghast
  4. Barrow Mummy
  5. Barrow Wight
  6. Basket of Petrified Fruit
  7. Bottle of Ancient Wine
  8. Broken Black Urn
  9. Canopic Jars (Broken)
  10. Clockwork Cobra
  11. Clockwork Scorpion
  12. Dust of Sneezing and Choking
  13. Electrum Canopic Jars (1d4)
  14. Electrum Canopic Jars (1d4)
  15. Emerald Headdress
  16. Empty Burial Shroud
  17. Gem: Amber
  18. Gem: Black Pearl
  19. Gem: Chrysoberyl
  20. Gem: Garnet (Red)
  21. Gem: Jade
  22. Gem: Jasper (Blue)
  23. Gem: Smoky Quartz
  24. Gem: White Pearl
  25. Glass Canopic Jars (1d4)
  26. Gold Bracelets
  27. Gold Canopic Jars (1d4)
  28. Gold Scarab
  29. Gold Scarab
  30. Gold Signet Ring
  31. Gold and Ivory Canopic Jars (1d4)
  32. Grateful Adventurer in stasis
  33. Green Slime
  34. Hand Axe +4 Dwarven Thrower
  35. Head of a Gold Scepter
  36. Iron Statue
  37. Magical Scarab (Cursed)
  38. Magical Scarab (Decorative Amulet)
  39. Magical Scarab (Decorative Amulet)
  40. Magical Scarab (Gemstone)
  41. Magical Scarab (Gemstone)
  42. Mithril Fleece (Cure Disease and Heal 1/week)
  43. Mummified Jackal
  44. Mummy
  45. Ochre Jelly
  46. Ointment of Healing
  47. Pair of Small Gold Couchant Jackals
  48. Perfumed Oil
  49. Platinum Ankh
  50. Platinum Canopic Jars (1d4)
  51. Platinum Scarab
  52. Potion of Clairaudience
  53. Potion of Clairvoyance
  54. Potion of Climbing
  55. Potion of Delusion
  56. Potion of Extra-Healing
  57. Potion of Extra-Healing
  58. Potion of Gaseous Form
  59. Potion of Healing
  60. Potion of Strength
  61. Potion of Sweetwater
  62. Rope of Climbing
  63. Rot Pudding
  64. Runic Tablet
  65. Runic Tablet
  66. Runic Tablet
  67. Runic Tablet
  68. Runic Tablet
  69. Runic Tablet
  70. Runic Tablet
  71. Runic Tablet
  72. Runic Tablet
  73. Runic Tablet
  74. Scroll: 2 Random Cleric Spells
  75. Scroll: 2 Random Magic-User Spells
  76. Scroll: 3 Random Cleric Spells
  77. Scroll: 3 Random Magic-User Spells
  78. Scroll: 4 Random Cleric Spells
  79. Scroll: 4 Random Magic-User Spells
  80. Scroll: Ward Against Elementals
  81. Scroll: Ward Against Lycanthropes
  82. Scroll: Ward Against Magic
  83. Silver Canopic Jars (1d4)
  84. Silver Canopic Jars (1d4)
  85. Silver Earrings
  86. Silver Figurine
  87. Silver Scarab
  88. Silver Scarab
  89. Staked Vampire
  90. Strangely Preserved Lizardman
  91. Terra Cotta Canopic Jars (1d4)
  92. Thief in Stasis (Wererat)
  93. Tome of Stealth
  94. Two Electrum Urns
  95. Vampire
  96. Wand of Cold
  97. Wand of Fire Balls
  98. Weapon +2 (Referee’s Discretion)
  99. Wight
  100. Wraith
Armor Shop
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